Q&A with The New Electric

Q&A with The New Electric

The positive message of The New Electric's single, "Inside Out" and the accompanying video, which depicts people struggling to be with their loved ones, is impossible not to feel. This is something that the Alberta-based band strives to achieve with their music, and it's safe to say that they've been successful thus far. The New Electric's previous hit single “Life’s What You Make It,” earned the title of Corus Radio’s “Next Big Thing” and Bell Media’s “Future Star,” while "Inside Out" won the International Songwriting Competition of 2016, and with the rest of the year ahead of them, anything is possible! Read our interview with bassist Shade McKearney and watch the moving video for "Inside Out" below! 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about The New Electric for listeners who may just be hearing you for the first time?

We are an energetic, upbeat, alternative pop band. We stand for love. Our music will make you wanna dance and have fun!

How has being based out of Alberta affected The New Electric? What is the best part about your music scene?

Being based out of Alberta has affected us very positively, the people here are incredibly supportive and also very excited to have a band like us represent them. The best thing about our music scene is the supportive nature of the artists and musicians, not much competition, most people in the scene feel that our success is their success and we find it to have a deep family vibe.

You guys have only been together for about 2 years, but you’ve already done so much together - what has been the coolest or most surreal moment you’ve had as a band?

Honestly, there have been so many. Our Much Music debut was a big one, first time i heard someone listening to our music in their vehicle as i drove past them. I was out for dinner with my wife and Life’s What Make It started playing on the radio, a kid in the booth beside us exclaimed “I LOVE this song” to his mother. Playing at the Royal Ontario Museum beside a brontosaurus skeleton! These are just a few that stick out in my mind! 

You recently released a music video for “Inside Out,” which has a really positive story. What does this song mean to you?

This song is very dear to us and to me is a reflection of the purist and truest heart wrenching love that can exist! It was written by Kyle McKearney, my brother, a week before his wedding and parts of it were his vows to his beautiful wife, so the song is also a very nice memory for me, every time we play it live i feel the love! 

The video begins with the message, “Fight for equality and love. No Matter how different your stories are. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.” Why was this message important for you to include in the video?

This message is something we live by and is a depiction of our overall message. We felt it was the perfect opportunity to make that known when we added it to the beginning of the video.

How would you like to impact listeners with “Inside Out,” or your music in general?

What drives us is love and helping others experience fulfilling lives! If we could make even one person understand that they DESERVE love and happiness then our songs are fulfilling the intention! 

On top of “Inside Out” and your previous single, “Life’s What You Make It,” are you working on any new music? Can we expect to hear an EP or full-length soon?

We are always woking on new music, whether we like it or not!! Haha. You can indeed expect an EP later this year, we are thinking about releasing for autumn.

What is the rest of 2016 looking like for The New Electric? If “Inside Out” is the pushing-off point, where would you like to see yourselves next?

The rest of 2016 is looking pretty bright for us! We have some cool shows coming up that we are all very excited for. I think we want what every band wants, to have the opportunity to spread our message through our songs to as many people as we can!


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