Q&A with September Mourning

Q&A with September Mourning

September Mourning are different from any other group of musicians, and their new album, Volume II is more than just any other concept album. The follow-up to their 2015 release, Volume I not only continues where the story left off, but will also be released in conjunction with The Hand Of Fate, the second installment in September Mourning's comic book series. With the captivating story in the comic book series and the accompanying soundtrack (which should absolutely be read and listened to together) September Mourning have created a devoted following of their Children Of Fate, and this release only promises to be better than the last. 

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

You’re just getting ready to release your new album, Volume II this month. What stories were you excited to tell on this album?

The album is a continuation of the comic book/EP we released last year… So the continuous storyline as a whole is our goal right now… Really establishing the world and characters of September Mourning and what their story arcs are.

How has Volume II progressed since Volume I? How do you feel you’ve grown since the release of the last EP?

The songs have developed sonically from where they began. We focused on dynamics in the songwriting process… The ebb and flow of it all to push and pull at your emotional core. It has become an interesting soundtrack to the story. 

Was there anything that you were particularly excited to continue or carry on in Volume II?

The story itself is always fun to toy with…. Using music to bring that to life is always an interesting challenge. 

What was the most challenging part about working on the album? What was the most rewarding?

We have lots of different themes sonically on this album… To make it work cohesively is always the challenge. I believe we accomplished that and then some. It really paints a picture in the listener's mind and I believe that is the reward.

On top of the release of Volume II, you’re also getting ready to release your new comic, The Hand Of Fate. Where does this comic pick up after A Murder Of Reapers?

In the finale of Murder of Reapers, Claire has been cornered by a bunch of Reapers and September comes in to save her… The second issue continues the journey from this first confrontation, establishing allies and establishing villains and showing just how powerful September is and hinting at her overall story arc.

Because they are released in conjunction with one another, how are The Hand Of Fate and Volume II connected?

Volume II is the soundtrack to the comic book, basically. If you listen to it and read the comic at the same time it's a lot of fun.

One of the first songs you released from Volume II was “Eye Of The Storm” - can you tell us a little bit about it?

Eye of the Storm is a call to arms. In the verses it describes the character of September and her motivation… In the chorus it's an outcry to anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong, that they don't have a path in life or that they have strayed from theirs. Follow the music and the truth inside yourself and it will lead you back to where you belong.

What would you like the Children of Fate to take away from Volume II?

More familiarity of our world and characters and above all else strength. We aren't saviors….Our purpose is to build our COF up so strong that no matter what life throws at them, they will be able to save themselves.

With the album and comic release coming up, do you have any big plans to hit the road this year?

Yes, we hope to be out the rest of the year… Stay in touch for tour dates!

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to our fans, our COF…. without their love and support this project would never be possible. We cherish you all. 




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