Q&A with Hayden Hanson of Tunnel Vision

Q&A with Hayden Hanson of Tunnel Vision

Currently out on the road for the Coasts Collide tour with Resinated and Perro Bravo, alt-reggae band Tunnel Vision are bringing their high energy live performances to Denver, Colorado on August 25th. Although landlocked Colorado is vastly different from the band's home state of California, that won't stop them from bringing summer fun to The Gothic Theatre before fall begins to full set in. Read more about the band and watch their music video for "Skateboard" featuring Ryan Sheckler below! 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Tunnel Vision for any readers who may not be familiar?

Hayden (singer/guitarist/songwriter) of Tunnel vision here! For anyone unfamiliar with what we do….We are a group of surfers, skaters, and artists, from southern California that hold love for playing music and spreading positive vibes to our listeners. Growing up in San Clemente CA, building surfboards and working retail for Lost surfboards, we bring the surf and skate world into our upbeat reggae/ska/punk tunes, then drive it around the country and bring it to a city near you! 

You guys are currently out on the road Resinated and Perro Bravo for the Coasts Collide tour! What has been the highlight of this tour so far?

We are currently on the road with Resinated and Perro Bravo for the Coasts Collide tour and it has been a blast so far! Our show at the Black Bull Chophouse has been the highlight so far for sure, because it was so close to home so lots of our friends showed up and made it a real party! 

What are you most excited for on your upcoming tour dates?

I am excited to hit Colorado!! We haven't done much touring there and i am really excited for that.

You’ll be hitting Denver on August 25th at The Gothic Theatre - what can fans expect from the upcoming show?

On the 25th at the Gothic theater in Denver is gonna be a fun show!! we are really excited to show off our set to our fans with a mix of songs off of our self titled record and some new songs they haven't heard yet! anyone who likes what they heard off our last record will love what we've been putting together  for our setlist for these shows. Lots of energy i couldn't be more stoked on it.

These tour dates are in support of your recently released self-titled album! What has been your favorite song from Tunnel Vision to perform?

As far as a favorite song goes i don't have one. I love them all I guess! Haha. I do really enjoy playing the new stuff we've been working on just because its fresh and something new. 

What goals did you have in mind when working on Tunnel Vision? Was there anything you really wanted to be able to accomplish?

When it comes to goals or accomplishments that i would like to fulfill, I just want to put smiles on our listeners faces, and give them something to relate to and enjoy. A Grammy or something someday would be nice too though ha! As long as I can keep doing what i am doing — surfing, skating, writing music — I’ll be happy.

You also recently released a music video for "Skateboard" from the album. How was the filming of the video in your hometown with Ryan Sheckler?

Filming our music video “Skateboard" was a really fun experience. We showed up at our local skatpark in San Clemente and set up our instruments and rocked out. All of our friends showed up to skate and be part, it was like a high school reunion. We were so stoked to have Ryan Sheckler be a part of it with us. He's a busy guy and for him to come through for us and his local San clemente family was really cool. Its always a pleasure skating with him, he's really an amazing skater and friend. Thanks Shecks!! My favorite take was when he was airing over our keyboardist Matt Risley mid-song!!

After this string of tour dates, what does the rest of 2016 hold for Tunnel Vision?

After this string of dates we plan to hit the road with our boys Ease-Up! We’ll be doing a few week-long stretch of shows up and down the west coast. Its going to be super fun! We've been wanting to hit the road with them for a while now. Perfect match of tunes so make sure you keep an eye on those dates and catch us live if you can!


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