INTERVIEW: Charming Liars Talk About "Insomnia" and Their Upcoming Full-Length Album

INTERVIEW: Charming Liars Talk About "Insomnia" and Their Upcoming Full-Length Album

Last spring, Los Angeles-by-way-of-London trio Charming Liars found themselves embracing new sounds, lush melodies and dark energy on their EP, 12:31 AM and now, the band is preparing for the next big step in their musical career, the release of their debut full-length record. Further exploring the sounds established on 12:31 AM is the band's newest single, "Insomnia," which feels like a new chapter entirely. On this track and their new music to follow, the band made a conscious effort to touch on some darker sounds and more serious lyrical content moving forward, promising some very moving and relatable tunes. 

12:31 AM and "Insomnia" are just the beginning for Charming Liars, who have a few tricks up their sleeves for the rest of 2017. Stay tuned for more new music and tour dates soon and get to know a little bit more about Charming Liars below. 

Photo:Catie Laffoon

Photo:Catie Laffoon

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

The last time we caught up with you guys, you were just getting ready to release 12:31AM and now, you’re already celebrating the release of more new music! What has been the highlight of the past year or so for you?

This past year has been filled with some incredible moments but if I had to narrow it down I would say my favorite was working along side Sir Elton John and the Grammy Foundation raising money for their charity Musicares.

How do you feel you’ve grown as artists since the release of 12:31AM?

Making 12:31 was the first time I think we got comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable in the studio. Venturing into the new record was no different. Along the way from our departure of 12:31 I feel our direction has grown stronger along with our musical identity as a group. We aren’t just three different guys making music, I feel we are more of a collective mind.

You just recently released your new song, “Insomnia.” Can you tell us a little bit about the track and what inspired it?  

Honestly, sleep deprivation. We had been working on the song all day and when I got home around 11pm I couldn’t sleep. I remember laying in bed for a few hours before I just gave up on the idea of a good night's sleep and grabbed my notepad. At just about dawn I came up with the final lyric “I can’t keep my eyelids shut I am insomnia.” It was one of those strange moments when the timing was just to perfect.

Was there anything you wanted to accomplish with “Insomnia”?

As far as what we hoped to accomplish with Insomnia we were just trying to capture the feelings and visuals that come along all too easy when you can’t rest. All the things you think you see and hear at the edge of your bed. 

“Insomnia” is taken from your upcoming debut album! When can fans expect to hear some more new music from it?

We do actually have some music slated for release in the next couple of months so stay tuned for that. 

It being your debut full-length, what goals have you guys set for yourselves for this release?

With this being our first full length it was very important to make sure that every song on this record had a place being on it. 

What are you looking forward to listeners hearing on the album? Are there any sonic changes that you feel will stand out? 

We dove deeper and darker as well as touched on the more serious issues lyrically and when that happens it tends to affect everything else in the music. Kind of like a ripple effect, you know? I think the listeners will definitely pick up on that. 

With the year starting to wind down, do you have any other big plans for the rest of 2017?

I think we plan on ending the year with a string of live dates. Some old songs mixed in with a handful of new songs.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It's always great catching up with you guys! Thank you to all of our fans and friends, you make this life so much sweeter.

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