INTERVIEW: Banfi Reflect on a Busy Year and Discuss Plans for 2018

INTERVIEW: Banfi Reflect on a Busy Year and Discuss Plans for 2018

Pop/rock trio Banfi are just wrapping up a busy year of tour dates, festival performances and new music, and they're showing no signs of slowing down in 2018. Following the release of a handful of singles earlier in the year, the band recently surprised fans with their emotional new song, "Caroline," which can be heard below.

These songs are sure to hold fans over until the band's next move, but they won't keep us waiting too long, either. Banfi already has plans to release even more new music in the new year, including an EP and possibly even a full-length. Keep an eye out for more new music coming soon and read all about Banfi's busy year and plans for the future below. 


Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Banfi for any readers who might not be familiar?

We're a band from east London, that plays music of the rock/pop genre... kind of. We're going to be releasing more music and the music that we've released so far can be found on all the popular streaming sites. 

You’ve been busy this year releasing new music and playing a bunch of shows. What has been the highlight of 2017 for you so far?

The highlight so far was probably selling out a few shows on our first ever headline tour around the UK and also a moment in the summer when we played Citadel festival and there was thousands of people singing our songs with us. There's a great pic of that show on our insta @banfimusic...follow us. 

Did you have any big goals or plans going into 2017?

We just want to keep building every year, that means getting better at playing, writing, releasing more music, reaching more people.  So I guess that was the goal at the start of the year and we definitely achieved it, woo!

You recently surprised listeners by releasing your emotional new song, “Caroline.” This song has a really personal meaning of loss for you. Was that difficult to look back on and write about?

It wasn't difficult really, Joe wrote the lyrics for his Mum and Dad and about their loss, not a personal one. It's definitely a meaningful and heartfelt song though. 

What do you hope “Caroline” can be for listeners who have experienced a difficult loss or are currently struggling?

It would be amazing if it helped someone, but we can't say that was the reason it was written - to help other people. 

But yeah if someone found something in there that helps them get through a tough time or even helps them escape for a couple of minutes then great. 

Sonically, “Caroline” is absolutely gorgeous as well. When writing the music to accompany the lyrical content of the song, did you have any big goals in mind?

The musical content was emotionally charged as well. It was about creating a beautiful soundscape that evolved into something epic and huge that would have some sonic punch. We also like to keep things interesting by adding a few sounds or creating sounds that people wouldn't usually hear. It keeps it interesting for us and hopefully for other people. 

“Caroline” follows a few more singles you released throughout this year. With this song out now, can listeners expect to hear some more before the year comes to an end? Do you have anything else up your sleeve for 2018?

We won't be releasing anymore singles this year but the video for Caroline is out, so that's something else. Other than that, just waiting for 2018!

What is the new year looking like for Banfi? Do you have any other big plans in the works?

Next year we've got a lot of things lined up already. We've got our next tour which is going to great. We're going to be releasing a bunch more music, hopefully an EP and maybe even a full length...

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us!

We're really excited to get over to the States at some point soon, so hopefully we'll meet in real life! 

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