INTERVIEW: One Flew West Talk About Their New Singles & the Colorado Music Scene for 303 Day

INTERVIEW: One Flew West Talk About Their New Singles & the Colorado Music Scene for 303 Day

With the release of two brand new singles alongside back to back headlining performances at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver on March 3rd and The Downtown Artery in Fort Collins on March 4th, Colorado's own One Flew West are taking 303 Day celebrations to a whole new level. The band, who quickly found themselves as one of Denver's acts to watch last year are starting 2017 off on the right foot, and with plans to play as many local shows as possible, tour a bit and release and EP later this year, it seems that things are only getting better. 

The two new emotionally charged singles, "All In My Head" and "Ten Years Later" can be heard now below. Fans can catch the band live at Lost Lake on 3/3 (TICKETS) and The Downtown Artery on 3/4 (TICKETS).

Interview by Dom Vigil

March is a special month for Colorado because the 3rd marks 303 day. There are a ton of local shows coming up next month, including a couple of your own at Lost Lake in Denver on the 3rd and The Downtown Artery in Fort Collins on the 4th. What makes you the most excited about these upcoming shows?

We're most excited to just release these two new songs we have, we've spent a lot of time recording and mixing them over the last few months. We're also excited to debut our new bass player Dawson, as well as a new live show. We haven't had a show for a couple months, and it's going to feel great being back onstage.

These two shows are not only in celebration of 303 day, but also the release of your two new singles, “All In My Head” and “Ten Years Later.” Can you tell us a little bit about the two songs?

At it's core, "All in My Head" is a song about mental illness; specifically depression and the toll it can take on you and the people you love. I wanted the song to have a playful upbeat feel so that is almost tricks you into thinking its a happy song, when in fact its the opposite. As for the band, we had a far more hands-on role in the production than we ever have before. This allowed us to focus on the little things, and experiment more than we ever have before. "Ten Years Later" is a song I wrote shortly after my dad moved away from our hometown of Longmont, Colorado to Washington DC to pursue a new job. My dad has always been a huge part of my life, and even though I had school at the time and had plenty of distractions it was still hard not having him around anymore. Overall though, I think everyone has someone that they miss having around and the song is simply about missing that person.

Both songs are very personal lyrically. When you first set out to write them, did you plan on touching on those subjects, or was it something that just came natural?

I didn't plan anything out, it just kind of happened. I never really sit down to write a song about a specific topic, the lyrics just kind of fall out.

What do you hope listeners will take away from “All In My Head” and “Ten Years Later”?

While the songs have personal meaning to me in my own ways, I just hope people can find their own understanding of the songs and interpret them the way that means the most to them.

After the single release on March 3rd, do you guys have any plans to work on some more new music? Could fans expect any more exciting news soon?

We're currently in the early planning stages of a new EP that will hopefully be released in the fall of 2017. We're also planning on doing some touring this summer, as well as playing as many shows and summer festivals in Colorado as possible.

I also want to talk about the local scene here in Colorado, with these 303 day shows coming up. Are there any local shows that you’re personally really excited to check out next month?

March 10 - Slow Caves EP Release at Lost Lake
March 11 - Bud Bronson & The Good Timers at Larimer Lounge
March 12 - Grayson Erhard at The Soiled Dove Underground
March 18 - Montoneros and Overslept at the Larimer Lounge
March 18 - Vermillion Road, Creature Canopy, Valienta at Lost Lake

I’m sure like us, you guys have noticed how much the Colorado music scene has grown over the last few years, which has been incredible to watch and be a part of! What do you think makes our local scene such a great environment for all of these up and coming bands?

Everyone is supportive of each other, and we look out for each other. Denver is an island, because there's so much geographical space between it and other major music cities in other states. Past Denver bands and current Denver bands have taken a lot of time to create something cool here.

What local bands have you guys been listening to lately?

Grayson Erhard, Montoneros, Overslept, Slow Caves, Vermillion Road, Creature Canopy, Valienta, CITRA, In the Whale, Ivory Circle, Silver & Gold, Bandits, Loretta Kill, The Burroughs and My Body Sings Electric

Looking toward the rest of the year, do you guys have any big plans or goals for 2017?

Touring, recording, releasing a new EP, and playing as many shows as we can until Linden's liver ruptures from the alcohol intake.

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