Q&A with The Sextones: "Moonlight Vision is the Album we Have Always Wanted to Create."

Q&A with The Sextones: "Moonlight Vision is the Album we Have Always Wanted to Create."

Reno, Nevada modern soul band The Sextones are gearing up for a killer year with the release their long awaited album, Moonlight Vision on April 7th and tour dates on the horizon. Three years in the making, Moonlight Vision sees The Sextones at their peak of creativity and individuality, and in order to keep momentum going, the band are currently streaming the album in full in the most unique way possible. Fans who want to get an early listen of Moonlight Vision are welcome to call The Sextones Hotline at 1-336-SEX-TONE. Yes - it's real! 

With tour dates throughout April, including two stops in Colorado, and the album dropping soon, The Sextones are preparing for an incredible spring and summer. Check out tour dates and read more about the band below. 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about The Sextones ahead for any readers who might not be familiar?

The Sextones are a nationally touring modern soul band from the high deserts of Reno, NV. Our debut album, Moonlight Vision, coming out April 7th.

You guys are heavily influenced by soul and funk. What is it about that era of music that speaks to you or that you hope will speak to listeners?

Soul and funk is a particularly emotive style of music. All of us grew up on great soul music from the 60’s and 70’s being played in the house. Something about music from this time period really stuck with us. It makes you feel good when you play it, and when you listen to it. I think that’s what keeps bringing us back to it.

How do you feel the music scene in Nevada has helped you to cultivate your sound?

We are very lucky to be a part of Reno’s music scene. There’s overwhelming amounts of talent and support oozing from Reno and Tahoe. Being around several great bands and next level musicians all the time creates a friendly competition that makes you step up your work to the next level. Everywhere we go on tour people are always asking us, “Why are there so many great bands from Reno???”

You’re getting ready to drop your new album, Moonlight Vision. What does this collection of songs mean to you?

Moonlight Vision is the album we have always wanted to create. It’s an attempt at having our own classic soul album like the greats we idolize so much from the past. From the songwriting to the production I think we achieved our own brand of the “Modern Soul” sound with Moonlight Vision.

What were some of the most challenging or most rewarding moments you had while working on the album?

The album was written in chunks over the course of 3 years. In that time we have been through a lot in our personal lives. We have been paying dues for a long time, touring for years and lots of frustrations that stem from the grind of trying to make this band our livelihood influenced the record. We spent over a year in post production, mixing every aspect to perfection. Getting the masters back and hearing your completed work after 3 years in the making is one of the most rewarding moments.

You’re currently streaming the album in full on a hotline for fans to call. What inspired you to go this unique route?

We wanted to draw attention to our identity as a band and interact with fans. Basically, we wanted to do something that people hadn't heard of before to stick out from the rest. Out of this came The Sextone Hotline. The idea has caught on and we are constantly hearing how much people love it. Some people don't believe it until they call 1-336-SEX-TONE.

You’ll also be hitting the road this month on a string of tour dates to support the album. What can fans expect from these upcoming shows?

We are thrilled to be hitting the road in support of this album. Fans can expect our usual high-energy shows. We love performing live and connecting with audiences all over the country. 

This tour gives you two stops in Colorado - one in Denver and one in Nederland - what are you most excited to do or see when you’re in town?

Colorado is a unique and growing place with a killer music scene. It is one of our favorite tour stops for this reason. So many people and musicians are moving to Denver and it’s always a pleasure to be in such an awesome cultural hub. We love getting out and into the mountains whenever possible and hanging out with locals. Colorado has got it goin’ on!

Following these shows, do you have any other big plans for 2017?

We have plans to release some new music videos and have some great dates booked. Keep up with all of this on our website, and Facebook page. 

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