Q&A with Soldiers Of A Wrong War: "We Still Have the Same Hunger we Had in the Beginning."

Q&A with Soldiers Of A Wrong War: "We Still Have the Same Hunger we Had in the Beginning."

Italian alternative rock quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War are more confident and comfortable than ever on their new album, Countdowns. With nearly a decade together under their belts and a three year gap between releases to solidify the sounds on Countdowns, 2017 is already shaping up to be a great year for the band.

Soldiers Of A Wrong War will be hitting the road this summer for a short run of tour dates in support of the album, with more plans to announce later this year. Read more about the album, upcoming shows and the band's wild video for "Yeah!" below. 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Soldiers Of A Wrong War for any readers who might not be familiar?

Sure! Hello guys, we're Soldiers Of A Wrong War, we're a rock/alternative band, we play together since 2007 and we just released a brand new album entitled 'Countdowns' which you should definitely check out right now!

You recently released your new album, Countdowns, last month! What inspired the songs on the album?

Life in general, past situations, learning from your mistakes, all those things that we face everyday on our skin.

Countdowns follows your EP, Slow, which you released back in 2014. How do you feel you’ve grown in the three years in between releases?

I think that the sound we developed with this album is a natural evolution of what we released back in 2014. 'Countdowns' is definitely more mature, we had the chance to grow, to experience some changes in our lives and we started to listen to many different types of music, having the chance to absorb something from every new artist we fell in love with. We mixed all of that with the Soldiers Of A Wrong War imprint creating something that we're really proud of. 

On top of the couple of years in between releases, you’ve also been together for the better part of a decade. Are there any important lessons you’ve learned in your years together as a band that you feel have helped you to reach the point where you are now?

We definitely went through a lot of different experiences which helped us to realize that after 10 years together, we still have the same hunger we had in the beginning. Music is really what make us feel truly alive and free, our new album "Countdowns" is ready to be delivered to the world, it'll be available on April 18th and we can't wait to see what the response will be.

Were there any challenges you faced while working on Countdowns

It was a really smooth writing and recording process: once we were satisfied with the demoes that we had, we just picked the songs that we liked the most and we decided that those tracks were the right ones for this new album. 

Last month, you also released a music video for “Yeah!” from the album, which has a bit of a deeper meaning than most would think. What inspired the track?

If you listen to the song, you can feel influences from the old school rock'n'roll scene of the mid-'60s, early-'70s, mixed with some alternative rock vibes from the 90s. The catchphrase in the refrain, which is "It doesn't make much sense but i like it", basically represents the world we live in today: the infosphere is flooded with tons of contents through social media every single day and it looks like you really don't need a reason to like something. Even if it doesn't make sense, if you see that people share it, than it seems that you have to like it automatically and you just go with the flow, trapped in a system which seems to be designed to decode ourselves and bring our individuality to a point where it's nearly extinct. 

The video for “Yeah!” is incredible, as well! Where did the idea for it come from?

Thank you, glad you like it! The idea was to create something dizzy, able to transmit that mad, loony vibe which you can feel when you listen to this song. So what carzier than a guy doing stupid things, ending in insane troubles? 

With Countdowns out now, do you have any other big plans coming up?

Yes, we do. We should be able to let you know more details after this summer, so stay connected with us on our social media profiles, whether it's facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social, we got 'em all!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you guys for giving us some space on your website. And for all of you out there who are looking for some new saucy rock'n'roll music to listen to, go check out our brand new album 'Countdowns', right now: https://goo.gl/kyc4xt! And don't be selfish, tell all your friends about it.


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