Q&A with Stelle Amor

Q&A with Stelle Amor

Self-proclaimed "Soulful Siren" Stelle Amor is on a mission to serenade the world, and her recently released self-titled debut EP has her off to a good start. Although her first introduction to music was brought to her by her parents in the form of classic rock, blues, and country, Stelle takes on a more soulful/alternative vibe in her own music, something that can easily be heard on her single, "Spike's Groove," which can be heard below. For her debut EP, the Nashville singer had help from the best of the best, with songs featuring legends such as The McCrary Sisters, Maureen Murphy, Roy Agee, and Vinnie Ciesielski. 

With plans to hit the road and her debut EP out now, Stelle Amor is a unique artist that needs to be on your radar. Listen to the EP HERE and read more about her below. 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for any readers who might not be familiar? 

I call myself a “soulful siren”- just because it sums up my eclectic nature. I’m a very happy, passionate, loving person with a voice of soul. However I am also a very dark, weird, sensual individual; you put it all together and a “soulful siren” is what you get. 

What first inspired you to get involved in music? 

It was always in my bones. Since I was a small child I wrote songs, I always felt the ache to express my experience and felt music to be a true relief.

How do you feel your move to Nashville has affected you as a musician and performer?

I am surrounded by the best, so its taught me to sink or swim. I can admit I still have a long way to go, but its beautiful to be able to learn from such talented people. It’s such a loving community and it makes it easy to grow if you are open to it. 

You just released your debut EP! What are you most excited for listeners to hear on it?

Problem Child. I wrote that song with Deanna Walker, Rick Beresford, and Tony Zavitson. It was one of the most real and raw writing sessions I had ever had. I feel so strongly about the stories and messages in this song. I think everyone at some point has had a problem - to be able to recognize and admit to it is the first step. 

This being your debut EP, was there anything you wanted to accomplish with these songs? 

With this first EP I wanted to show my musical range, tell my story, and display my passionate belief in love. I selected songs that really portray my message and describe not only my dreams but my demons.

How do you feel you’ve grown between this material and some of your earlier work? Have there been some important lessons that you’ve taken with you along the way?

Everything is always evolving but the biggest dream come true was the addition of horn players. It’s a blessing to have Nashville’s finest play on the EP and in my band. As far as lessons go, its a lot of small things you don’t think about. I started doing all of this because I wanted to sing, I’ve learned it’s just as important to learn how to handle business. 

Recently, you released “Spike’s Groove” from the EP. Can you tell us a little bit about the track?

Spike’s Groove is a sultry and raw love song, the vibe of the music I would say does a good job matching the message; the ebb and flow of a relationship, from the highs to the lows.

hat would you like listeners to take away from this batch of songs? 

I want the world to hear love, pain, and passion,that is the essence of this record. I want to connect souls and let everyone know that they deserve love. 

With your EP out, do you have any other big plans in the works?

We are still working on a tour- but you can guarantee that before all is said and done we will be around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I appreciate being able to share my story and vision with you guys. Thank you and shout out to all my soul family for being a part of this journey, it’s beautiful to see the road unfold. 

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