Q&A with Brian Swindle of Have Mercy

Q&A with Brian Swindle of Have Mercy

Have Mercy's new album might be titled Make The Best Of It, but frontman Brian Swindle has done a bit more than that so far this year. Album title puns aside, Have Mercy have already had one hell of a 2017, and it's only June. With their third studio album out now, the band is just wrapping up a run of extensive tour dates with Real Friends, Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere before hopping on the road for an acoustic tour alongside Chase Huglin later this summer. 

Make The Best Of It finds Swindle at his best, hitting every mark that Have Mercy fans have grown to love while pushing things a little further, taking you on an emotional journey by the time it comes to an end. Read more about the new album and plans for the future below. 

Interview by Dom Vigil

You guys just released your new album, Make The Best Of It back in April. It being your third album, did you have any big goals you wanted to accomplish going into writing and recording this time around?
I wanted to make a big rock record. I wanted to write stronger songs and different types of songs. I think we did that.

With that three year gap between A Place Of Our Own and this album, how do you feel you’ve grown, be it as a musician or just in general?

I've definitely gotten better at the craft. As I get older, my head is in a better spot too. Never stop growing.

For this album, you partnered with Paul Leavitt and Brian Mcternan. What was that team like and what do you feel they were able to bring to the table?

The team was incredible. They pushed us to write and try different things constantly. They have years of knowledge in song writing and recording.

There are some pretty personal and emotional tracks on the album, as well. Were there any songs or subjects that were particularly difficult or challenging to write?

Definitely some were tough to write but it's therapeutic in a way.

What were some of the highlights or most rewarding moments of working on the album?

Being in the studio every day was rewarding. Whenever you write something you know you love it's great.

With Make The Best Of It out now, you guys are going to be on the road with Real Friends for a pretty long run of dates through June, with some shows alongside Chase Huglin right after. What are you most excited for on these upcoming shows?
Seeing fans reactions to new songs and new sound.

Are there any songs from the new album that you’re particularly excited to play live?

We love playing Coexist and Disagree. But all of the new ones are fun.

After this run of shows, do you have any other big plans for the rest of the year?

We have a lot planned. Fans will be excited.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing at all. Thank you for the interview!

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