INTERVIEW: Get to Know Fearless Singer-Songwriter Liz Huett

INTERVIEW: Get to Know Fearless Singer-Songwriter Liz Huett

Singer-songwriter Liz Huett has done it all, from her start in the entertainment industry as an actor to moving to Nashville before becoming a backing vocalist for Taylor Swift for over three years, but in her eyes, there's still more work to be done. After leaving life on the road in favor of focusing on her own music, Huett has finally dropped her debut single, "STFU & Hold Me," a unapologetically honest track that shows quite a bit of promise for the future. A future that includes a debut EP dropping soon and live performances in the works. 

Get to know more about Liz Huett and her journey as a musician and be sure to check out "STFU & Hold Me" below!  

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for any readers who aren’t familiar?

My name is Liz Huett. Born and raised in Southern California and moved to Nashville after high school school to chase the dream. I'm a die hard super fan of great music. And lucky enough to have been given a gift, drive and passion for making it, so here I am on my journey to tell some of my own personal stories put to melody. I hope you listen and like :) 

You’ve had quite the journey as an artist, from performing for your family to acting before deciding to pursue music. What inspired you to follow the musical route rather than something else in the entertainment industry?

Music was something I could do in my bedroom, at any given moment. I didn't have to wait to book a role or wait for opportunity to come... I could just open my mouth and sing when I felt like it. It was instinctively my first love and choice way of expressing myself/being creative. 

After moving to Nashville, you got the opportunity to perform with Taylor Swift for a few years. How do you feel this experience helped you hone in on what you wanted to accomplish as an artist?

I learned that... you have to mean it. If you expect anyone to care or connect with your art, you have to mean it with your whole heart. 

You just celebrated the release of your debut single, “STFU & Hold Me.” What inspired this song?

It came from that feeling of wanting your man to man up. Like, be strong enough to tell me, at the end of a difficult day or disagreement, that it's all going to be okay. Inspire us both to not sweat the small stuff.

It being some of the first music that many people will hear from you, what did you want to accomplish with “STFU & Hold Me”?      

I hoped with this being the very first single, people would get a strong sense of who I am. It's a kind of polarizing title and concept. And that's okay with me because, honestly there's an unpolished and somewhat polarizing side of my personality and this song felt like a good glimpse into that reality.  Rather be up front so people know what they're getting into, with the rest of the record, ya know? ;)

With the song out now, do you have any plans to release more new music soon? 

Yes. Me and my great team are already scheming about the next single. To say I am excited is a massive understatement. 

What do you hope to bring to the music world that nobody else is doing right now? If someone were to say you stand out for one particular reason, what would you want it to be?

It's hard to speak for other people on how they may or may not perceive me, but I can say my biggest hope is that people hear the authenticity in my songs. I want so much for people to FEEL and connect. And I think that really happens when raw storytelling meets a listening ear. 

Do you have any other big plans for the rest of 2017? 

A little bit of everything! Finish my EP, get to rocking some live shows and always writing when I can. Songwriting is such a healing, exciting process and one of my favorite parts about what I get to do. 

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am so glad STFU & Hold Me is resonating with people. And thank you for wanting to get to know the artist behind the song. And I hope to meet everyone who's been listening to it on the road very soon! 

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