Q&A with Company Of Thieves

Q&A with Company Of Thieves

Earlier this summer, indie trio Company Of Thieves released "Treasure," their first new single in six years and announced that they would be reuniting for a run of tour dates. Today, the band embarks on their highly anticipated tour, which will take them to select cities across the U.S., including a Denver stop at The Walnut Room on September 27th. 

It was fate that brought two rebellious teenagers together on the train platform at Union Station in Chicago over a decade ago, as Company of Thieves’ founding members, Genevieve Schatz and Marc Walloch sat across from one another and became fast friends over a conversation about The Beatles. With two records, countless headlining tours, a late night television appearance, a charting alternative radio single “Oscar Wilde” and a dream-come-true music biz discovery story under their belt, it seems that fate that has brought the cult band back from hiatus.

With "Treasure" out now, fans are looking to the band for more new music, and they can rest assured that more will be coming soon!  Read more about the band's reunion and plans for the rest of the year below. 


Interview by Dom Vigil

Earlier this year, you guys announced your reunion tour! With dates coming up in September, what are you really looking forward to?

Reconnecting with each other, our fans and these songs in present time will be so beautiful! 

I think when a lot of people hear the word “hiatus” they get discouraged because they don’t know when you’re coming back. When did you decide that now was the perfect time to reunite?

As it turns out, the time is always "now", only ever "now" and the eternal "now" is a great time to reunite ;)

How do you feel you’ve grown in the past few years as musicians?

Most of the growth has been getting out of our own way (in our minds) and letting that spark of inspiration flow through our hearts.

Do you feel that the years apart have given you some time to recharge and hone in on what you want to write and play?

It doesn't feel like it's about what we want to write and play...it feels more like what wants to be written and played by us?!

That brings me to your powerful new single, “Treasure.” What inspired the song?

Ah, thanks! "Treasure" is inspired by our ability to see beyond the illusion of duality when it comes to "good" and "evil"...

Considering the current political climate of the U.S. (and the world, really) what do you hope listeners take away from “Treasure”?

Whatever the listeners need to take away from the song is what they will take away from it! We are all on our path! We certainly hope they feel and dig into their feelings when they hear it!

Do you have any plans to release some more new music before you hit the road in September?

New music is on the way! Stay tuned!

What can fans expect from these upcoming shows? 

Fans can expect anything they want- do they want to be entertained? Do they want to have a life changing experience? Do they want to feel relief? Do they want a ride? We love our fans endlessly and trust their expectations to line up with their desires.

Do you have any other big plans or goals for the rest of 2017?

 To keep on livin, lovin and letting that light come through! 

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, I'm digging your name: Prelude Press...thanks for helping raise the curtain instead of looking in the rearview mirror ;) 


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