INTERVIEW: Raising Cadence Talk About the Growth on Their New EP, "Take Me Higher"

INTERVIEW: Raising Cadence Talk About the Growth on Their New EP, "Take Me Higher"

Alternative pop-rock outfit Raising Cadence have grown quite a bit since the release of their debut EP, Northbound in 2015. Combining elements of rock and pop with a jazzy vibe, their upcoming EP, Take Me Higher finds the Orlando band exploring with their unique sound more than ever before, making for a very energetic yet emotional listen. Take Me Higher isn't out until October 27th, but it is proving to be well worth the wait if the recently released title track is any indication. 

We recently caught up with the band to talk about their history together, the growth between Nothbound and Take Me Higher and plans for the rest of the year. Read more about Raising Cadence and their new EP below, and pick up Take Me Higher on October 27th. 

Photo: Kayla Surico

Photo: Kayla Surico

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about Raising Cadence for any readers who might not be familiar?

Raising Cadence is an Orlando based Alternative-rock outfit. We’re a band of brothers which reflects in our on-stage personalities. In our songwriting we have a desire to bring together a multitude of styles and influences, all while keeping our rock roots and making danceable, head-banging tunes. Overall, we strive to create something familiar, yet unique and beautiful.

Most of you were involved in other musical projects together prior to Raising Cadence. What made you want to join forces again for this band? What do you feel makes this a strong combination?  

The three members Andrew Sam and Miguel felt that they never had the chance to truly create something of their own. They had played together in high school but since graduating had never taken up any serious projects together. Upon meeting Tj and Ron, they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, and create something that would last.

Were there any lessons you learned through your previous projects that you were able to apply when first starting out as Raising Cadence?

Our songwriting styles are a reflection of our past projects and bands, and thanks to that we find it surprisingly easy to draw from our different influences. Many of the principles that some of our members learned from their classical and jazz training apply just as much as the skills that some of our other members developed through playing in bands and as singer/songwriter.

Flash forward a few years, and now you’re getting ready to release your new EP, Take Me Higher. How do you feel you’ve grown between this release and your debut EP, Northbound?

When we first released our first EP, Northbound, we were still developing our writing chemistry while working with a limited choice of songs. For our upcoming release, we have a library of over twenty songs to choose from that much more accurately represent us. We’ve evolved a lot since Northbound, but we can look back on it and be proud.

Were there any new sounds or ideas that you were excited to play with when working on Take Me Higher? What changes can listeners expect from the EP? 

The new EP has such a different sound compared to the last. Northbound, was being recorded as we were just finishing our lineup. This EP is three years in the making, and after playing and writing for some time, we decided on these five songs. We decided to include instruments like bongos, sleigh bells, shakers, and a glockenspiel to accentuate aspects of the songs. Songs like the Title-track: “Take Me Higher” and “After Tonight” are catchy and fun, while “Never Tell Me the Odds” is one of the heaviest tracks we’ve written. 

Did you have any major goals in mind when you were working on the songs? 

We actually tried to embody totally different feelings for each track. Some tracks like, “After Tonight”, were written toward our beginning, so we focused on renovating and modernizing them. For the song “Take Me Higher” we decided to represent our our familiar rock-sound while developing our groovier pop-styles. We’re incredibly pleased with how different yet identifiable they all turned out.

You recently released the title track from the EP as well! What inspired the song?

 It came together as just a way for us to get a groovier vibe out. We all really enjoyed the openness of the song, and how it allowed for our styles to show. After putting all of the layers together, it evolved into one of our favorite songs.

Can fans expect to hear any more new music before the EP drops on October 27th?

Yes! We are releasing a lyric video for a track off of the record called "Never Tell Me the Odds." It is definitely different from our title track, but should give fans a chance to sing along and rock out to one of our edgier songs. 

Aside from the album release do you have any other big plans for the rest of the year?   

Our grand finale for the year is based around our late-October EP release. That very weekend we’ll be sharing the stage with Spill Canvas for their the ten-year anniversary of their album “No Really I’m Fine”. Aside from our other duties and performances, our eyes are already on next year, and our upcoming Spring Tour.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

We couldn’t be more excited for our ever-looming release. We truly appreciate the opportunity to be featured in the Prelude Press.

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