Q&A with Maggie Schneider: "Negativity and Hatred Will Never Be as Effective as Optimism and Love"

Q&A with Maggie Schneider: "Negativity and Hatred Will Never Be as Effective as Optimism and Love"

Bright eyed and bubbly, Maggie Schneider broke into 2018 with her uplifting and positive new EP, Tinted Glasses, and the message of her new release is something we could all use a refresher on - looking on the bright side of life. Schneider isn't necessarily ignoring life's daily struggles or difficulties, but rather choosing to look past them, find a solution and keep her head up. Take her powerful single, "Chuck Bass," for instance. The track not only encourages to women to stand up for what’s right, but also support one another during tough times. 

With such a positive outlook on life, it's no surprise that Maggie Schneider's future looks bright. With Tinted Glasses out now, she has plans to play even more shows this year and hopefully take the EP on the road. Learn more about Schneider below and listen to Tinted Glasses now HERE


Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for any readers who might not be familiar?    

Of course! My name is Maggie Schneider and I’m a singer/songwriter in Atlanta. I’ve loved music since I was a little girl, and I can’t imagine a life without it. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had as an artist, and I’m looking forward to what’s in store this year.

How do you feel the music scene in Atlanta has affected you as an artist?

The Atlanta music scene has most definitely affected me as an artist. There are so many talented bands and musicians in this city, and I feel honored to know a lot of them personally. I’ve also learn a lot by playing gigs alongside them. The Atlanta music scene is really a tight-knit community where we support one another, and the venues really encourage this. I really can’t thank The Masquerade (a venue in Atlanta) enough for giving me a chance to play my music on their stages.

You’re just releasing your new EP, Tinted Glasses. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this release?

Tinted Glasses is inspired by how I’ve grown up in the last year. Each song is very personal, and has a lot to do with the rise and fall of relationships. I think that all individuals can relate to these themes, and my goal is to make listeners feel something when they hear each song.

What goals did you have in mind when you first started working on the EP?

My goal at the beginning of this process was to write genuine songs that were true to my feelings and ideas. In the end, however, I really hoped that this EP would make an impact on every listener. Music is such a powerful art form because it connects people of all backgrounds together, especially when the music is honest. The support has been unreal so far, and I’m so glad that people are making these connections.

Tinted Glasses is a really positive and optimistic release. In a time when there’s so much negativity in the news and on social media, what drew you to “looking on the bright side,” so to speak?

I myself am a very optimistic person, and I always try and find the positivity in more negative situations. I think that this overwhelming negativity in the news and on social media has further inspired me to express my rosy point of view.  People need to stick together through the highs and lows of life, and it’s up to us to bring positive change into this world. Negativity and hatred will never be as effective as optimism and love. I hope that my EP highlights these ideas.

How do you feel you’ve grown and evolved as both an artist and just as a person between the release of Insomniac and Tinted Glasses?

I’ve most definitely evolved as an artist and a person, and I think that’s easy to see through my music. Insomniac was my first record, and I think that it explores the importance of love and friendship in life. I’m still proud of this record, but the songs on Tinted Glasses are much more personal and vulnerable. My life experiences influenced both records, but Tinted Glasses uncovers many more complex emotions, and the ways in which I’ve grown within the past year. I feel that I’ve become a stronger and more confident young woman since I first started writing songs.

With the album out now, do you have any big plans coming up? What are your goals for 2018?

I have so many plans!! I booked a show in New York City at The Bitter End, which has been a dream come true of mine for as long as I can remember. I’m also planning to play more shows, meet new people, and bring Tinted Glasses to some more cities. I’m so excited for this new year.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for having me! For anyone who is reading, it’d mean the world if you checked out my new EP, Tinted Glasses, which is available everywhere now. I hope it makes you feel something!

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