INTERVIEW: Crooked Teeth Reflect on 2018 and Discuss Their Upcoming EP, "Honey"

INTERVIEW: Crooked Teeth Reflect on 2018 and Discuss Their Upcoming EP, "Honey"

California-based alt-rock trio, Crooked Teeth have had an incredibly busy year so far. Following their signing to Rude Records, re-release of their single, “Crawl” with Bonnie of Stand Atlantic and more, the band is currently gearing up to release their new EP, Honey. With Honey, the band not only branched out of their comfort zone in an effort to forge their own sound without becoming pigeonholed into a specific genre or getting stuck in their old ways. In return, the EP finds the band at their strongest yet.

With Honey out on November 16th, the band will be announcing a few shows in support and is currently preparing for an even busier 2019. Listen to the band’s latest singles, “Hate Me” and “Crawl” now before, and keep an eye out for more new music coming soon!


Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Crooked Teeth for anyone who might not be familiar?

We're an alternative rock band from California. We love bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Deftones, Fall Out Boy, Slipknot and Paramore. We came together in the spring of 2016 and love the shit out of what we do!

You guys have had one hell of a year so far, from signing to Rude Records to releasing your new single, “Crawl” and now, you’re gearing up to release your new EP, Honey! What has been the highlight of your year so far?

Well truthfully "Crawl" has been out since last year but when we signed to Rude we re-released it with a guest feature from our friend Bonnie of Stand Atlantic. So the re-release of 'Pastel' came out in May and we're two singles deep into the roll out of our new EP out on November 16th! I think the highlights of this year have been landing air time on KROQ and BBC1. "Honey" has been in the top 5 on KROQ's Locals Only segment for almost two months and to us that's just fucking insane and truly flattering considering the fact that radio doesn't typically play our style much these days.

What made Rude Records a perfect fit for Crooked Teeth? What do you hope to accomplish with them by your side?

Honestly we just wanted the opportunity to work with a more formal team and push our music to more people. To be able to have physical copies of the record is a big deal for us as well!

You’re getting ready to release Honey on November 16th! Did you have any major goals in mind when you first started working on the EP?

Our goal was to just take risks and progress our sound while not completing abandoning the core of what's been signature to us thus far. We really just hope people gravitate towards the songs and find solace in the lyrics!

Was there anything you wanted to accomplish with Honey that you haven’t been able to do in the past?

We really just set out to make this EP the bridge between our roots in emo/pop punk and alternative rock. Ultimately we wanted to stray away from being pigeonholed under the ceiling of any specific subgenre or specific listener demographic and our goal with 'Honey' was and is to make our way out of that ceiling so the radio thing has been really cool and rewarding though we're still a really small fish in a giant pond.

What was the most rewarding part about working on the EP?

I think it was just a great recording experience overall. We tracked drums and wrote the skeletons of the songs at Interlace Studios in Portland and did the rest with our bud Matt Lang out of his home studio which made for a very laid back vibe with next to zero pressure. We all love the Pacific Northwest so much so being able to be there making music was a real treat.

You also recently released your new single, “Hate Me.” What would you want fans to take away from this track?

"Hate Me" is really just centered around the sentiment of killing negativity and pre conceived judgements with kindness and a positive sense of endurance. It's very much centered around the idea of self liberation.

Could listeners expect to hear any more new music before the EP drops?

We'll be releasing one final single prior to the drop that is a style that until now we had yet to really explore so we're anxious to see how that goes over!

Do you have any other big plans before 2018 comes to an end? Any shows coming up?

We'll be announcing some real sweet gigs on the West Coast to promote the record a bit but other than that, everything is reserved for 2019!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Listen to Kacey Musgraves, vote in the midterms and be good to your neighbor!

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