Kristina Bazan Chats About Her Goals For Her Music and New EP, "HV1": "Creation Rules Everything"

Kristina Bazan Chats About Her Goals For Her Music and New EP, "HV1": "Creation Rules Everything"

Model, author, digital influencer and musician, Kristina Bazan has done it all, but right now, she’s focusing solely on her music. With a goal to make new music every single day, Kristina just celebrated the release of her newest EP, EPHV1 and even has plans to release a music video and play a few shows before the year comes to an end. With a background in the entertainment industry and the drive to accomplish her goals, Kristina is familiar with the hard work it takes to succeed, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

EPHV1 is out today, October 26th - listen to it and get to know a little bit more about Kristina Bazan now below!


Interview by Dom Vigil

You’ve been involved in the entertainment industry in one way or another for quite a while as a model, author and now, you’re hard at work with you music. What first inspired you to get involved in the music industry?

I always loved writing. In fact I'd say writing is one of my biggest passions. I am much better at writing than speaking. I also started my blog for this reason, because I absolutely loved sharing words like that with people, and stories. Throughout all my childhood I kept a diary where I would write every day, then my father bought me a keyboard and I began songwriting. Music became my diary reflecting a more subconscious of my life. Music helped me understand so many things about myself and about life... It is a healer. So I hope my music can have that effect on others too, put words on emotions that are hard to express and find beauty in melancholy and sadness. I love the idea of making people happy with something sad or dark... Showing people not to be afraid of that side of themselves.

How are all of these different outlets of expression related? Do you feel that any one helps you to succeed with the others?

Definitely, I love to be able to create in different formats and use different outlets, each one allows me to say and express something different which is quite interesting. You have to adapt your message each time, it's quite an interesting exercise. I also think it allows you to take a step back and have some perspective over everything. I can get really inspired for a song by watching a movie, reading a book, having a great conversation with a friend or even attending a fashion show... I also love to paint, so sometimes I get inspired for a track while painting. I think when it comes to creativity everything kind of connects naturally.

This year, you’ve been dedicating yourself to your music and recently released your new single, “VR.” What goals did you have in mind when you first started working on your new music?

My first and initial goal was simply to make music actually. I just wanted to get to a point in my life where I could make music every day and have my life centered around music. So the fact that I am kind of at this point now, as I do make music almost every single day, is such an incredible blessing. To be able to now call it my main activity and work is just a dream come true. So I am already a winner in all this, I feel so happy just to be able to wake up every morning doing what I love most...

Can you tell us a little bit about “VR”? What inspired this track in particular?

It is my favorite song I've released so far. I really love 80’s music and all the glam, psychedelic rock scene from the late 70’s, bands like Blondie or Siouxsie and the Banshees... I wanted a sound that would be dark, enigmatic and melancholic yet fun and sensual. I wanted to create a track that makes you want to make love, honestly that was the whole point of it for me. And the subject itself is one that I am really interested by. I am fascinated by technology and our progression in that field. I think VR is going to take over the world in a massive way and  will revolutionize entertainment in general as well as our social dynamics. 

“VR” comes from your new EP, EPVH1. What are you most excited for listeners to hear on this release?

I have so say I am really excited for them to discover Iron Veins, it's a song that means a lot to me. It's quite different from what I've done before, it's this big epic dystopian song that talks about the future of humanity and how one day we might all have iron veins, or in other words a day will come where a lot of us will be enhanced by technology. It's already happening right now actually. It's kind of like a little science fiction movie wrapped up in a song. And it has a very nice surprise at the beginning which I think people won't expect, or at least I hope so. 

What was the most rewarding part of working on the EP?

To be able to spend time with the people who participated in the creation of it, above all my incredible executive producer Louis Côté who is such a genius and incredible person. He's a visionary and together we really dived into our heads to pull out some crazy ideas. The energy we have together is so pure, the best ideas always win, there's never any judgement. Creation rules everything. 

How do you feel you’ve grown as a musician with the writing and recording of the EP?

So much... But I still want to learn and grow, I think that process is never completely over isn't it? There's always room for improvement and learning. But what I can say is that I've definitely learned to let loose, let go, stop caring so much about the opinion of others and just do what makes you happy, follow your guts. It's hard to put that aside though, it took me a while. But now I really feel free. Once you liberate yourself from those kind of pressures, that's when you can really be yourself.

Do you have any other big plans for the rest of the year?

Yes! I have a few performances planned before the end of the year, one in Paris and two in America specifically L.A and New York. All the dates and info are on my music website I also hope to release a new single with a music video out from the EP but that might come early next year. I first want to get a little grasp on the audience's feedback to pick the right song to clip.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks to you guys for supporting! It's really a pleasure. 

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