Colly Open Up About "Shelter Me" & Goals For Their Music: "We’re in the Business of Healing People"

Colly Open Up About "Shelter Me" & Goals For Their Music: "We’re in the Business of Healing People"

Young Cincinnati rock band Colly only formed last year, but they’re already making quite a name for themselves with their latest single “Shelter Me”. The vulnerable track is enough to make you feel instantly connected with Colly before its three minutes are up, and that’s exactly what the band aims to accomplish with their music. With a desire to be the band that reaches out to and connects with listeners (as many did with them while they were growing up) the members of Colly are wearing their hearts on their sleeves - and it’s paying off.

The band just wrapped up a run of North American tour dates and currently have their sights set on their debut album, but in the meantime, you can get to know a little bit more about Colly and listen to “Shelter Me” now below.


Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about Colly for any readers who might be hearing you guys for the first time? 

Colly is a group of friends that have been playing music together since middle school.  In high school I had to deal with some serious depression.  Bands like Manchester Orchestra and City & Colour played a huge role in overcoming that.  I wanted to start writing my own songs that people could relate to… fast forward a few years and I started jamming with some of the guys again and it felt right so we’ve just been trying to get our music out to the world ever since.  

How do you feel the Cincinnati music scene has affected you guys as musicians? What would you like to bring to your local scene? 

We really don’t play Cincinnati very much.  It’s kind of a tight-knit, cliquey seen that’s hard to get into so we just tour and play everywhere else, haha.  We do play the occasional show though and it’s always packed with friends and family, which makes for a great time. 

As a relatively young band, what would you like listeners to take away from your music if they are listening to you for the first time?

Our goal with our music is to help people.  Whether it’s just creating a moment of nostalgia, or writing lyrics that you can cry along to in the car.  We’re in the business of healing people, and music is our medicine. 

You recently released your new single, “Shelter Me.” Can you tell us about the track? What inspired it?

I wrote Shelter Me at a weird time in my life.  I had been laid off and had to move back to Troy with my parents.  There was a girl in my life I had recently kinda fallen for, so being broke and living at moms in my twenties had me feeling a little insecure in a lot of ways (Edit: Not that there’s anything wrong with living at your parents!  The food is always great.)  “Shelter Me” is just about how insecure I felt during that time.  All I wanted to do (and basically did) was sit in my room alone with my keyboard and not talk to anyone. 

Did you have any major goals in mind when you started working on “Shelter Me”?

The only goal we ever have when writing is to make the realest, most badass song we can.  Just want people to play it for the first time and immediately feel connected. 

With “Shelter Me” out now, can fans expect to hear any more new music soon? Do you have any projects you’re currently working on?

We’re always writing and can’t wait to show everyone what’s next... it’ll be very soon! 

You guys are just wrapping up a run of tour dates that kicked off back in September! What have been some highlights of the last few months of tour for you?

Tour was great!  The west coast has such an incredible energy to it that really shows in the audience.  On a tour that long there’s always a lot of good stories to tell when you come home.  I think one of our favorite venues was in Denver called Your Mom’s House.  We just got home and already feel anxious, can’t wait to get back out there and play more.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for having us! Rock on!!

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