Jonathan Farrar and Tony Zichella Get a Fresh Start in New Project, Capital North: "It’s Not Something That You Just Decide You’re Done With"

Jonathan Farrar and Tony Zichella Get a Fresh Start in New Project, Capital North: "It’s Not Something That You Just Decide You’re Done With"

When you're involved in music, and really in it for the right reasons, it's not something that you can just walk away from. Former Lights in the Sky members Jonathan Farrar and Anthony Zichella learned this rather quickly after stepping away from music before eventually reuniting to form their new project, Capital North. The result of both members' mental and physical journeys - Farrar traveled the world for a year on a mission of soul searching while Zichella went on to graduate culinary school and pursue his passion as a chef - is the band's incredibly honest debut EP, Sea To Sky.

With Sea To Sky dropping on March 2nd, Capital North have already shared their first single, "Glass Houses" and will be playing an EP release show on March 9th at Amplify in Los Angeles. Read more about the new project, the story behind Sea To Sky and what the future might hold for Capital North below. 


Interview by Dom Vigil

The Prelude Press: Can you tell us a little bit about Capital North for any readers who might not be familiar?

Tony Zichella: Capital North is the culmination of our creative efforts over the last 2 years. We’re a fairly new band from Pasadena that stemmed from the dissolving of our previous project, Lights in the Sky. That band essentially ended after a crazy summer tour where we lost half of our band (not physically, but just as members. Etc..), went off and explored and grew on our own, and finally made it back to become what we are now. Our inspiration is super polarizing and honestly, none of the music we really listen to sounds anything like ours, so it is definitely hard to say that we lie within a certain specific genre. I think the best way to get an idea for the sound is to listen.

The formation of Capital North has a really unique backstory that starts with you guys reconnecting after two very different journeys - both mentally and physically. How do you feel that this affected the music that you write today and the drive that you have to create something you’re proud of?

I always think, for the most part, that the first 2-3 records a band makes, are their best. Take bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, for example. The new stuff they put out is great but they will never write another “Cute Without The ‘E’” or “Sic Transit Gloria”. That being said, I think that the paths and events that lead to this moment gave us a hard-restart and put us back into that hungry, super ambitious place that we needed to return to. I think that is something that young musicians tend to have - that kind of shameless “pour your heart out and don’t care what anyone thinks” mentality. I’m so glad that we found our way back to that place, because the other side of things just involves being jaded and grumpy!

You both kind of found your way back to music after taking some time off from it, as well. What do you think keeps drawing you back to it?

If you’re a real musician and not just some kid who wants to be in a band for the fun of it, it’s engrained in you… it’s a part of you. I got my first instrument in 2nd grade. Played cello and bass and sang in choir my whole childhood. It’s not something that you just decide you’re done with. If you do, you were never meant to be here in the first place. Music is definitely not a place for the faint of heart or anyone who doesn’t want to work too hard.

What makes Capital North a special project for you guys?

Capital North is special because it’s real, and at this point in our lives, the music is reflective of what we want to write about. When you’re a younger band you tend to write music based on the “scene” you’re in or what your friends like, etc. At this point in my life, I couldn’t care less what anyone around me thinks about our music or the way we present our art. Jon and I wrote this for us. Not to fit into a scene, or to appease anyone. We strive to be genuine and honest, but at the same time, if you are real from the start, those come naturally.

Next month, you’ll be releasing your debut EP, Sea To Sky. What goals did you have in mind for this release, it being some of the first music that listeners will hear from Capital North?

My goal for any music I write is always the same. If I can reach, help, or inspire just one person, I consider it to be a success. In addition to that, we really hope to grow the Capital North family and to make as many new friends as possible as well as play in as many new places as possible. We want to meet each and every single one of you and sing our hearts out together.

What inspired the songs on Sea To Sky?

Day to Day life honestly. There’s no grand or magical message, although there is a theme involving life and death. The music is about stopping to reflect on what’s going on around each and every one us, all of the time. We get so caught up in all of the distractions in our lives that most of the time we forget to stop and take a look around at the things that happen right under our noses every day. As a culture we repress our feelings so that we look “happy” or “successful”. The goal of Sea To Sky is to say “hey, not everything is okay all of the time”, and that THAT, is okay.

What would you like listeners to take away from the EP?

A little perspective and hope for their own lives. Maybe the feeling that they aren’t alone and that when life gets hard, there are also other people struggling, but on the other hand, when life is awesome we should celebrate together instead of competing or isolating ourselves.

With the EP out in March, can listeners expect to hear some new music or see a show soon?

Our EP Release show is set for March 9th at Amplify in Los Angeles, and you can definitely expect to see more shows popping up very soon (don’t hesitate to tell us where you want to see us play)! Sea To Sky is out on March 2nd and we hope you guys check out our tunes and take a few minutes to check out the music video for “Glass Houses”! Also, stay tuned for more material to be released very soon!

What other big plans do you have for 2018?

Hopefully lots and lots of shows this summer and writing even more music and growing the CN Fam!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Be excellent to each other. Remember that just like life, music is a community and it’s not a competition. Help each other out and let’s build our community back up, together. The local and independent music scene is dying because we don’t take care of each other or support one another, and it’s about time that changed. Love you all!

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