INTERVIEW: The Molice Explore Their Loud Side With New Music

INTERVIEW: The Molice Explore Their Loud Side With New Music

2018 has already been a busy year for Japanese rock trio, The Molice. Following the release of their EP, Signs last year, the band has been hard at work touring, writing and recording their next album, to be released this year. Since the start of the new year, they released the stunning music video for their single, "Round Round Round," and have been out on the road stateside to promote their upcoming release. 

We recently had the chance to catch up with The Molice - Rinko (vocals/guitar) Yuzuru (guitar) and Paro (drums) - to talk about their year so far, the filming of "Round Round Round" and their new music, which will showcase a different side of the band. Read what the trio had to say below! 


Can you tell us a little bit about The Molice for anyone who might be hearing you for the first time?

Rinko: Hello We are THE MOLICE from Tokyo, Japan.
Rinko, Vocal and Rhythm Guitar.
Yuzuru, Guitar
Paro, Drums  
We are Alternative & Dance-core music group!

Yuzuru: THE MOLICE is influenced by The POLICE, Pixies, The Doors, Beastie Boys and FUGAZI. 

Paro:  THE MOLICE respects our favorite music and pursues originality through our filters. When you listen to THE MOLICE, do you think it is just a J-rock? Whether you think it is a real Rock is up to you.

Following the release of your EP, Signs last year, you’ve been hard at work on new music for 2018! What are you looking forward to the most this year? 

Rinko: I am looking forward to connecting with people all over the world through our music.

Yuzuru: The new album to be released in this year and a lot of new encounters in America.

Paro: We have a long tour this year. I am looking forward to seeing that THE MOLICE will be accepted by U.S.

You recently released the music video for your single, “Round Round Round.” What inspired you to film this video while you were out on the road? 

Rinko: Atomospheres everywhere in U.S as we traveled during our last visit.

Yuzuru: It is a view of the United States. It is all American scenery such as lots of nature and big city like NYC, small city daily life etc.

Paro: To be in the United States, Landscape, Events… I was inspired by everything. I was made to think about my music and my life. It may also be reflected in the video.

What was the most memorable thing about filming the video? 

Rinko: My favorite moment is the very beginning scene. I really love moon… Beautiful… during sunset. Sunset always refreshes me at the end of the day. 

Yuzuru: When the light breaks through the clouds at the Statue of Liberty and the moon shining in the evening in Buffalo.

Paro: When we were shooting the scene used for the opening of the video, I saw the moon, the sunset and the clear sky. I had never seen the scenery like that.

You’re currently getting ready to release your new album, which you’ve said will show listeners a different side of The Molice. What can fans expect from this release? 

Rinko: I’m pretty sure you’ll dance from New album!

Yuzuru: It is a side of THE MOLICE which is harder than the previous works. We are playing loudly at our shows and with the new album, you can listen to “Loud side of THE MOLICE”.      

Paro: I think that it is an album that you can hear what Molice really wanted to express this time, the songs, performances, arrangements and sounds are all linked together to make our current state.

How have you been able to challenge yourselves while working on this album? 

Rinko: I am getting good at clearing my brain.

Yuzuru: I repeated trial and error by reworking the image of the sound many times in my head. In recording, I played our songs holding the image firmly, concentrating my consciousness on my ears and body.

Paro: I decided not to set limits on what I wanted to express. And I think that it was possible.

When can fans expect to hear some more new music from the album? 

Rinko: This summer is calling.

Yuzuru: I look forward to playing the new music this summer. I will let you know soon!

Paro: It is soon!!

You’re currently on tour in the US through this summer! What have been some of the highlights of these shows so far? 

Rinko: 3 Cherry Blossoms Festivals. 

Yuzuru: Every show was memorable, but the three Cherry Blossom festival of Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn and Buffalo are particularly impressive.

Paro: At the Cherry Blossom festival at Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn and Buffalo, I played in front of a lot of people. And everyone smiled and listened to our music and danced. The scenery is remarkably remembered.

Do you have any other big plans or goals for 2018? 

Rinko: I have some art shows in U.S. I am excited to have an opportunity to share my artworks. We have designed all our merch items so far this tour. Album artworks, Flyers, Posters, Music Video, T-shirt, Bags… So we plan to start a new project. We will release many new items other than THE MOLICE things.

Yuzuru: Releasing the new album and touring more!        

Paro: We want to immigrate to America. I have visited America many times during recordings and tours for the past few years and we all agreed we wanted to do more music in America.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Rinko: Our music is for earthlings!

Yuzuru: I am grateful to all the fans who support us. I feel a lot of love. People who have not listened to our music yet, I hope this interview will give you a chance to listen to it!

Paro: Please check THE MOLICE website!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you!!!

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