Social House Discuss Moving to LA, "Magic in the Hamptons" and Plans for New Music: "There’s Definitely More Magic to Come"

Social House Discuss Moving to LA, "Magic in the Hamptons" and Plans for New Music: "There’s Definitely More Magic to Come"

Pittsburgh native and LA based musicians, writers and producers, Social House have been around the block a few times, but their latest endeavor is a new journey entirely. For masterminds and creatives Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie”Anderson, writing their own music is vastly different from writing and producing music for for artists like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez. Although the latter is exciting in its own right, you can't blame Mikey and Scootie for being excited for the world to hear Social House's unique sound - and chances are, you're going to be hearing a lot more from them before the year is up.

With their new single, "Magic in the Hamptons" featuring Lil Yachty out now and gaining quite a bit of traction, Social House are eager to share some more magic with their new fans. Until then, get to know a little bit more about them and listen to "Magic in the Hamptons" below. 


Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Social House for anyone who might be hearing you for the first time?

MIKEY: Social House is a music duo from Pittsburgh that’s based in LA. The name actually came from the wifi at the production house we were living in. It was a perfect description of the creative atmosphere in the house at the time so we decided to use it as our group name.

SCOOTIE: Social House is a melting pot of genres and a hub for camaraderie and acceptance. We celebrate our differences and make sure to have fun while telling our stories through music. 

Social House is technically a new project, but you guys have been writing together for a while now. What has the journey been like since you first met and realized you wanted to create the same kind of music together? 

SCOOTIEWe moved in similar circles of friends back in Pittsburgh and even had a few sessions together. But we really connected when we ended up working out of the same production house in LA. We worked very well together, writing and producing for other people and eventually started making songs for ourselves.

MIKEY: We have worked with some of the most talented artists and some of the most incredible musicians in the world. Our journey has been action-packed and this project is sprinkled with personal stories we’ve experienced along the way.  

What was the move from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles like for you? How, if at all, did the change of scenery affect the songs you were writing or wanted to write?

MIKEY: It’s a lot sunnier in LA. I enjoy sunlight. Tremendously. So if our music did change it was probably for the better.  

SCOOTIE: The move from Pittsburgh to LA was very abrupt. I got a call from a producer who wanted to fly me in to LA to work for a week. I left home the next day and I’ve been here ever since. Pittsburgh is rustic and LA is more cosmopolitan. The scenery definitely gave me a different outlook on things creatively.

Compared to writing and producing for other artists, what is the most rewarding thing about writing music for yourselves?

SCOOTIE: The most rewarding part of writing and producing for ourselves is finally getting to create exactly what we want to create and finally being able to connect directly with the people who have been touched by our music.

MIKEY: The most rewarding part is getting the support of those who we’ve worked with previously. To see how much they believe in us is amazing. 

You just recently released your single, “Magic in the Hamptons” featuring Lil Yachty. What’s the story behind this track?

MIKEY: “Magic In the Hamptons” is about real love that can stand the test of time and make you feel young again.

SCOOTIE: It’s an ode to real love. It’s about a couple being so in love that they feel young again. It’s about puppy love, the honeymoon phase in a relationship that never dies.

With “Magic in the Hamptons” out now, can fans expect to hear some more new music soon? What’s next for you guys?

SCOOTIE: We’ve been going crazy in the studio putting in work and cranking out songs. I’m very excited about the music we’ve been making. One song in particular I’m charged about is called “Squad.” It’s literally all of the quotables we say in the house… It’s about really loving our friends and having fun with our friends. 

MIKEY: Music is on the way. We’ve been collaborating with a few dope creatives to give a truly unique body of work to the world. There’s definitely more magic to come.

Do you have any goals in mind for the rest of 2018?

MIKEY: Live more. Smile more.

SCOOTIE: My main goals as of now are to really enjoy the creative process and make sure we leave a great first impression.

Do you have any shows in the works?

SCOOTIE: We have some pretty awesome plans in the works. This summer, we’ll be performing in the Hamptons and we also have some really cool things developing with VH1.

MIKEY: We’re very excited to show our growing fan base all the things we’ve been working so hard on.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MIKEY: We’re grateful that Prelude Press has taken the time to interview us and we are especially grateful to everyone who is listening and sharing the music. 

SCOOTIE: Be sure to follow us on social media: @SocialHouseTC on Twitter, @SocialHouse on Instagram and for the most up to date information on everything Social House.

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