Boundaries Talk About Expanding Their Sound on "My Body In Bloom":  "Stop at Nothing to Make a Product You're Happy With"

Boundaries Talk About Expanding Their Sound on "My Body In Bloom": "Stop at Nothing to Make a Product You're Happy With"

Connecticut hardcore band Boundaries were already charging headfirst into 2019 before last year even came to an end. Following the release of their latest single, “Blush” back in November, the five piece will be releasing their new EP, My Body In Bloom on February 22nd. With a desire to push themselves to create something vulnerable and raw, Boundaries began creating an EP that they hope will speak to their die-hard fans while expanding on the sound that they’ve successfully established with previous releases.

“Blush,” the first taste of My Body In Bloom, provides listeners with just the vulnerability that Boundaries were searching for, as the track explores unhealthy relationships and the affects that they have on a child. Listen to “Blush” and read more about My Body In Bloom now below.


Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Boundaries for anyone who might not be familiar?

Boundaries is a band that started a few years ago, that is largely a mash-up of other CT bands who broke up but had a few members that still wanted to play music.  The content and sound has always been dark, heavy, and honest, which is something we work really hard to maintain with every release and live performance.

You guys will be releasing your new album, My Body In Bloom next month! What are you most excited for listeners to hear on the album? 

Like we try to do with every release, we showed some more of ourselves and our influences on this new record and are really excited to see how people react to that. It's always challenging going from release to release and trying to maintain people who already like you, while not boring those who have been around the longest, all while being true to yourself artistically. I'd hate to ever put out music just so people can "probably like it" at the cost of us not being proud of what we've made. On this new record, we are very proud of what we've made. 

Did you have any major goals in mind when you first started working on My Body In Bloom?

We wanted to push ourselves and not just release something that sounded like "part 2" of our last record, to show growth and depth but without abandoning our identity.  To write something vulnerable and raw, something to listen to when you need the company of someone else's experiences. A record with a distinct pulse and flavor. 

How do you feel you’ve grown with the writing and recording of the album?

This album was a very real and valuable experience, we wrote half of it before we wrote the latest song we released, "Blush", once we wrote that song we scrapped the rest of the album we already had done because we felt they couldn't compare to Blush.  We had written a song that was our personal benchmark of what we felt capable of and what the standard should be and moved on from there. This required logging dozens of hours over roughly 8 weeks to write and pre-produce MBIB but the end result is exactly what we wanted.

What was the most rewarding or most challenging moment of the recording process?  

We recorded MBIB with a really great engineer named Dan Colombo out in Nashville, we are very happy with the decision to go to him, but going to someone so far away, with our budget both financially and time wise was a very real challenge. We could only leave the night before then had to drive 16 hours to the studio, record our whole record in 2 1/2 days then drive 16 hours back all with enough time to get to our shifts at our job the next day. We were exhausted creatively and physically but it was all worth it. If you think you've found the "perfect" engineer but are hesitant to go to them because of some obstacle, go anyway, stop at nothing to make a product you're happy with.

Last year, you released “Blush” from the album. I understand that this track has a pretty significant meaning - can you tell us a little bit about what inspired it? 

Blush tells a story of repetition and damage. It is a window into what it's like living in a home where the adults are in a non-functioning relationship, and what it's like to rationalize as well as dismiss what you're seeing. Growing up I had to learn how to tune out the screaming matches, the doors being punched in, and personal belongings being smashed. It sent me deep within myself and I will probably never know all the ways it affected me but Blush is an attempt to bring some of those ways to the surface. 

With “Blush” out now, could fans expect to hear any more new music before My Body In Bloom is out?

Absolutely, expect another music video and more.

Do you have any other big plans in the works for 2019? Any tour dates or shows coming up?

As of right now we plan to play some shows in the Northwest and Canada with two really cool bands Dying Wish and Serration, they'll be on the road pushing their latest split and we were fortunate enough to hop on a couple shows (3.18, 3.19, 3.22) from there we're immediately hoping onto another tour with some new and old friends until mid April. There is still a lot being figured out but we expect to have a very busy spring and summer.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?  

The record is out 2/22 via Unbeaten Records, preorders are up now and we are hosting a record release show the same day the record comes out in Hartford, CT. Thanks talking for with us, we really appreciate the opportunity to speak about these topics.

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