Jeremie Albino Talks About Writing Honest Music for His Debut Album, "Hard Time": "I Was Just a Guy with a Guitar"

Jeremie Albino Talks About Writing Honest Music for His Debut Album, "Hard Time": "I Was Just a Guy with a Guitar"

There’s something truly special about writing heartfelt, honest and meaningful music, and that’s exactly what singer/songwriter, Jeremie Albino is doing on his debut album, Hard Time. Out on August 9th via Cinematic Music Group, Hard Time not only documents Albino’s journey as musician, even featuring the first song he ever wrote alongside new material, but it is also complete with songs that tell a story and chronicle his life on the farm. With a humble goal to simply share his life through song and hopefully make music that other people will connect with, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the songs that Albino has created on Hard Time.

Jeremie Albino has a busy summer full of tour dates and one-off shows ahead of him, and with Hard Time dropping in August, we recently caught up with him to talk about the album and his journey as a songwriter. Listen to the album’s title track and read the interview now below.

Photo: Anielika Sykes

Photo: Anielika Sykes

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for anyone who might not be familiar?

Hey I’m Jeremie Albino, I’m a musician, farmer, podcast enthusiast, knot tyer, my favourite food is pho and I really like seltzer.

You’re getting ready to release your debut album, Hard Time this summer! What are you most excited for listeners to hear on the album?

I’m excited for them to hear the whole thing all put together with a bow on top and experience what I’ve been working on for the past couple years. I think a lot of people have seen me play shows solo and a few people have seen me rollin’ with the band. Just excited for people to hear and feel the dynamics and the peaks and valleys of this record. I’m just really excited for people to hear these stories.

It being your debut full-length, was there anything you really wanted to accomplish on Hard Time?

I think there were a lot of goals with this record. One thing, with it being my first, I just wanted to see if I could actually finish the dang thing haha second was just to try and stay as true to myself as I could. The record kind of documents my whole life as a musician. The first song I ever wrote “Shipwreck” is on the record. The songs are honest, I wasn’t writing them as a commercial artist. I was just a guy with a guitar and I’d write stories and songs after long days working on the farm. I started trying to work with a band for some songs about a year ago. It’s a really honest record and I hope people get something out of it.

The songwriting on Hard Time is a nod to the artists who inspire you - who do you feel has affected your songwriting the most as an artist, growing up to now?

I came up on a lot of old blues; Lighting’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Skip James, Furry Lewis. I was in the early YouTube days. it was an exciting time cause as I discovered all these artists I’d just pull up old footage and be able to really learn by seeing them play. But it’s hard to tell, there’s so many new artists now a days that inspire me as well. I’ve got so many influences knowing and unknowingly. I’m sure, the artists that I don’t really think influenced me still influenced me in some way or another haha hope that makes sense.

What would you like listeners to take away from the album?

I’m not too sure, I never really thought much about it. I guess I’ve always just wanted people to enjoy it, I hope they feel what I feel as I performed the songs and I hope they maybe dance a bit, maybe cry a bit. I just hope folks connect with these tunes.

You’ve already released a few songs from Hard Time as well, most recently the album’s title track. What inspired this song?

We all make mistakes in life. Hard Time is about doing wrong to someone you care deeply for. Hoping they’ll forgive you. Knowing they might not. That feeling, being at the mercy of someone else's judgement. I don’t want to get specific about it but I’m sure we all have situations like that in life.

The video for “Hard Time” pays homage to your father as well. What inspired the story you wanted to tell with the video?

The story in the music video really comes from my experience working at my dad’s shop growing up. There’s something really beautiful about the hard work that people do, the day to day grind and the monotony. What we do to support ourselves and our family’s. We all go through hard times and have to deal with troubles but work through it all and find joy and beauty in the day to day. Working with my dad has taught me a lot in life, I am grateful for all the time I get to spend with him at the shop, the farm and at home so here’s a video concept that kind of celebrates the hard times and the good ones too.

With Hard Time out this summer, you’re also currently out on the road for a run of tour dates throughout October. What are you looking forward to at these upcoming shows?

I’m excited to play and get out there and put a good show on for people. I really feel at home when I’m performing, and I think that connection with people is really special. I also love the challenge of playing to people who’ve never heard of me; try to win them over and just work hard to put on a show, to really try and make my mark.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank YOU for the chat! Nothing too much other than, I hope you dig the record! I’m looking forward to getting on the road and playing some tunes for ya!


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