Dee Jay Silver Discusses "Corners" and Upcoming Tour Dates: "Good Music Is Good Music - You Don't Have to Put a Tag on It"

Dee Jay Silver Discusses "Corners" and Upcoming Tour Dates: "Good Music Is Good Music - You Don't Have to Put a Tag on It"

Groundbreaking DJ/remixer/producer/radio host Dee Jay Silver has been busy this summer. In addition to the upcoming release of his debut full-length album, Corners on July 26th, he is currently on Jason Aldean’s cross-country “Ride All Night Tour,” (marking his 10th tour as the country superstar’s resident DJ) and can be found on tour dates with Luke Combs throughout the year, at club residencies in Las Vegas, Nashville, San Diego and Atlantic City, and on the main stage at various country music festivals including the Tortuga Music Festival, Rock The South, Country LakeShake Festival, Faster Horses Country Music Festival and Watershed Music Festival.

Dee Jay Silver isn’t your run of the mill country musician, either. His upcoming album, Corners will bridge the gap between multiple genres, from country to hip-hop and even house. Nothing is off-limits, and that’s what makes his music so exciting. Get to know a little bit more about him, and catch him opening for Jason Aldean this Friday, July 26th in Denver, Colorado at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre - the same day that Corners is set to drop!


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for anyone who might not be familiar?

My government name is John Perdue.. but I go by Dee Jay Silver. Been traveling the world as a professional DJ for almost 20 years. Married and have two kids, Wake, who’s almost 3, and new baby girl named Davis (almost 4 months). Born and raised in Texas, lived in Arkansas for a while, and now call Nashville, TN home.

You’re kicking off an incredibly busy summer, featuring tour dates with Jason Aldean and your upcoming album, Corners. What are you looking forward to the most in the next few months?

Summer is the best time…not only being back out on the road with my boys Jason Aldean and Kane Brown, but I also split time out with Luke Combs and do all the Live Nation summer festivals as well as my own DJ gigs in Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Nashville, and everywhere in between. My new album Corners comes out 7.26.19. I’m ready to get this out…been working on this for a while!  I also just debuted my new DJ Duo called RoadHouse last weekend at Faster Horses Festival in Michigan. It’s me and DJ Ikon from Las Vegas...check out the website

It being your debut full-length album, did you have any major goals in mind when you first began working on Corners?

I just wanted to make an album not held down by a genre. This record is all over the place...pop…country...hip I wanted to put something on this record from all parts of my life. It starts with a prelude called WAKE on it - it’s me and my almost 3 year old son just talking. My goals are to get a few of the songs on the radio, add to playlists, and add to my live shows!

You’ve mentioned that Corners will touch on multiple different genres, from country to hip-hop and house tracks. Did you come across any challenges when piecing all of these different sounds together on one album?

There will always be some people that just won't get it. They live in a bubble and never get out.. I’ve always believed that good music is good don't have to put a tag on it!

Were there any specific genres or sounds that you were most excited to tackle on the album?

I just wanted to keep everything fun, and not ever have two songs that sounded the same. Also any chance I get to work with my friends like LOCASH, Jon Gurney, Lil Flip, Josh Melton, I’m down!

What was the most exciting or rewarding part of the writing and recording process?

The best part is seeing a vision come to life...going from meeting up at 10am in Nashville one morning to seeing it pop up on iTunes and everything in between!

In addition to the upcoming album, you’re also going to be out on the road this summer! If someone is seeing you live for the first time at one of these shows, what would you like them to take away from your performance?

When I'm out with Jason Aldean or Luke Combs, I am a set up man…setting the mood, getting the energy up and creating a party so they can step on a hot stage with a crowd that’s ready to go! When you see me in a club, festival, or a Dee Jay Silver’s turn all the way up at all times!! High energy, fun and an experience that you can share with your friends and make some new ones along the way!

Can fans expect to hear any new songs live? 

For sure! I always incorporate my original stuff in my live shows. It’s the best thing ever when you see and hear people singing along with something you created from a concept!

Do you have any other big plans for the rest of 2019?

Touring the rest of the summer with Aldean, back with Luke Combs starting in October to December, and ending the year in Las Vegas at the 2019 NFR at the MGM Grand! I’ll also be working full time on original music and exclusive remixes with RoadHosue for a Q1 tour! 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you. I would also like to talk about my syndicated radio show...this is the 5th year of it. It’s called The Country Club with Dee Jay Silver and is a 5-hour show that airs on the weekends in more than 70 markets across the country! 

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