Holly Henderson Chats About Her Growth on Her Debut Album, "Monday Green": "I Just Want to Keep Going"

Holly Henderson Chats About Her Growth on Her Debut Album, "Monday Green": "I Just Want to Keep Going"

UK alternative singer and guitarist Holly Henderson kicked off her summer with the release of her debut album, Monday Green, and she’s already looking toward the future. The ten songs on the album showcase Holly's diverse range, featuring lush, beautiful ballads to melt your face off alterna-pop anthems, all tied together by her intricate guitar work and vulnerable lyricism. As her debut album, Monday Green offered Holly the chance to grow as a musician and learn alongside Pete Thorn, who also worked on the album. Now, she’s eager for the next step, be it a run of tour dates or even more new music in the future.

Listen to Monday Green and learn a little bit more about Holly’s musical journey now below.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for anyone who might be hearing you for the first time?

I’m a 23-year-old songwriter/composer/guitarist from Maidstone, UK. I constantly change my mind about what I want musically, so my music tends to change and move around a lot. My roots are classical, to Brit Pop, to Prog, and so on. I’m from a very working class background and I draw a lot from that. 

What first drew you to the world of music and inspired you to get involved with it?

I just remember always being drawn to music. I started playing piano really young, and I was originally more drawn to film music, scores, etc. Then I discovered The Old Grey Whistle Test, heard Iggy Pop, Small Faces, etc. which changed my outlook. Rock stars like Freddie Mercury, Bowie, all of those, in particular, were so fascinating and unlike anyone I had ever seen before. The ‘world’ of music seemed like a distant planet, I didn’t know of a way in but I always wanted to do something that would at least get me halfway there.

Last month, you released your new album, Monday Green. Now that it has been out for a little bit, what are some of your favorite things about the album?

I like hearing the collaboration between Pete Thorn and I. I can hear him distinctly in the production and I can hear my 19-20-year-old ideas being articulated. I think my favourite thing overall is that you can hear the core band all the way through, Myself, Jon Button and Blair Sinta all recorded our parts live together, it was organic and fun, and I think you can hear that. 

It being your debut full-length album, did you have any major goals in mind when you first started working on Monday Green?

None whatsoever. The album itself was such a huge goal being fulfilled, so I never thought past the actual making of it. Now I’d definitely say I hope it opens doors for playing it more live. I just want to keep going. 

For this album, you traveled stateside to work with Pete Thorn. What do you feel he was able to bring to the table? What were you able to take away or learn from those writing and recording sessions? 

He has so much expertise and I was so green, especially production-wise. I was desperate to learn and during the making of the album, he didn’t just take the steering wheel and drive. It was open and a learning experience for both of us, I think. He obviously has an incredible way of bringing out guitars in particular, and in hindsight, doing the album with him and made me think more precisely about how I wanted to sound as a guitarist and has massively shaped the type of guitarist I am now. 

How do you feel you’ve grown or evolved with the writing and recording of Monday Green? 

The ‘how’ is more down to the fact that the album set me off on a tangent that hasn’t seemed to slow down yet. I was so motivated afterward that I just wrote more and more music. The cool thing about being a musician/songwriter, if you keep doing it relentlessly, you change and improve without even realising. I just needed a kick to do that - the album was it. 

What was the most rewarding or exciting thing about working on the album?

It was both rewarding and exciting working with musicians of such high calibre. Apart from the obvious, the fact all of the musicians were so great at bringing out an idea, and that they were all amazing people. I have been very lucky in my life so far that the more established/successful musicians I’ve met have all also been truly decent people. It was refreshing and exciting to know that sometimes being a good person and working your arse off can actually be the thing that sets you apart and helps you get by in your career. It’s stupidly simple, but an underrated philosophy.

With Monday Green out now, do you have any other big plans for the summer? Any shows or tour dates coming up? 

Definitely plans to take it on the road! Also been slowly piecing together the next album, who, where, etc. 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Thank you for having me! I greatly appreciate the support that Prelude Press has given to me. I’m also grateful for everyone that has taken the time to listen to the album so far, and I hope even more people get on board, enjoy the music and my band when there are gigs, the next release etc. The more the merrier!


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