Interview with Radiate: "Our Message Is About Equality, Fairness and Positivity"

Interview with Radiate: "Our Message Is About Equality, Fairness and Positivity"

If New York alt-rock band Radiate had a mission statement, it would center around connection. Connecting with one another, connecting with fans (be it on social media or through their music) and connecting other people with each other is at the heart of Radiate’s music. Even their latest single, “I Promise This” serves as an anthem and gives a voice to this mindset, centering around the promise of trust and loyalty that any two people make to one another.

Last summer, the band teamed up with Kris Crummett to work on their upcoming EP, which fans can expect to hear some more music from soon. Until then, get to know a little bit more about the band and listen to “I Promise This” now below!

Can you tell us a little bit about Radiate for anyone who might not be familiar?

Radiate is a new age Rock N’ Roll band. We range from variety of moods, and energy with each single we’ve released. We have currently 5 songs with all different textures, vibes and styles to introduce a color pallet of sounds. We thought it was a good way to introduce our art before we create a full length album that is more cohesive.

As a relatively new project, did you guys have any goals in mind when you first started playing and writing together? What drew you to one another in a musical sense?

The goal was to be a band to display our art individually to create one masterpiece. Vlad and Will had started this project together before Radiate was official, and Daniel and Mikey came to offer their styles to add to the fundamental sound Vlad and Will had created. The main goal as Radiate with all current members was to find success in making music and making a living to be able to travel and connect with “humans” as much as possible. We all connect with our fans daily on social media speaking to them personally and to be able to meet all our fans, connect with people emotionally through music is a big inspiration to why we are a band.

You guys just recently released your new single, “I Promise This.” What inspired the track?

"I Promise This” is a song that we had written for awhile. But the interesting thing about the song is it was rewritten 4 times. If you attended some of the first Radiate shows we played I Promise This, but the version we originally wrote, had a different concept and totally different sound having like a electronic EDM synth to it and different lyrics. Before we went to Kris Crummet we had a version that is faithful to the final recorded version, Kris uniformed and tightened the idea with his accents and sound as an engineer and producer.

What would you like for listeners to take away from “I Promise This”?

If you watched the music video for "I Promise This," it's a cynical, horror “American Psycho” style storyline that has a crazy plot twist at the end. Without the video, we think it’s cool that the song doesn’t give off a horror, “scary” type vibe , and that it’s more of a new age soft rock track. Combining both horror imagery and pop-rock sound we enjoyed artistically.

Last summer, you guys worked with Kris Crummett to work on your new EP! Did you learn any important lessons while working on those songs?

Recording with Kris made us better as musicians. Kris did no settle for anything less than what he thought was perfection. We all gave him the respect to be the leader in the studio, if he didn’t like the idea, he’d be respectful and at least try it... but if he didn’t like it, it didn’t make the final cut. He made those choices with good and fair reason though but because of that it brought the best performances out of everyone.

How do you feel you’ve grown with the writing and recording of the EP?

Over the years of recording as musicians we all have a fundamental understanding of how we approach recording. After tracking with Crummet it has made us understand a certain quality of standard that we all have within ourselves as artists. For example our vocalist might do a vocal line 5-10 times until he likes the take, feel and execution of the vocal before he’s okay with moving on to other parts of the song. Being as detail oriented as possible. By piecing all detail oriented parts together is what heightens the quality of our music.

Can fans expect to hear more new music from the EP soon?

We recorded 5 songs with Kris last summer, Human and I Promise This are the only two we’ve released. As of future releases? Maybe expect 1 more music video? Only time will tell with how exactly the next releases will go down. If it’s independent release or a label release that’ll dictate how fast and what exactly we will be releasing. But there are 3 ready to go “unheard” Radiate tracks awaiting to be heard.

Do you have any other big plans for the coming weeks and months?

The past two years of forming and developing Radiate to what it is today, we tried our hardest to have the highest quality music and recordings we can offer to our audience and listeners. Now we feel that now it is time to move forward in creating a new era and stage of Radiate. We will be writing brand new and improved music. Expect elements of sounds you’ve heard from our singles... but it’ll be something stronger, and more cohesive, and original to who Radiate is.

We also plan on doing some videos on YouTube of us covering some of our favorite songs, we’d love to do some acoustic performances during the next couple of months as well as upcoming shows in the New York/ East coast area.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We want to thank you for taking your time to read about upcoming artists and musicians. Without your interest we would not be able to achieve any success. We care so much about our fans at home in New York and all over the world. Our message is about equality, fairness and positivity. We’ve luckily because of that message have gotten nothing but positivity thrown back to us. We love to share connections personality on and off stage and we thank everyone who comes to a show to be healed by live music. Radiate is here for the people. Thank you.


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