INTERVIEW: KINGDM Discusses "Dust" and Teases More New Music in 2019

KINGDM has been involved in music in one way or another since he was five years old, from playing piano and drums to playing and touring in bands, producing, composing and songwriting. With a massive resume and plenty of experience under his belt, KINGDM is now focusing on his own music, with his latest single, “Dust” featuring Reo Cragun out now.

Goodbye June Talk About Their Growth on "Secrets in the Sunset": "It Was Completely from the Heart and in the Moment"

Goodbye June are dedicated to creating music that comes from the heart, and their upcoming EP, Secrets in the Sunset is the product of just that. Written in the face of countless ups and downs - within just one year, the band parted ways with their label and Tyler Baker saw the birth of his daughter and much more - Secrets in the Sunset finds the band embracing their roots and committed to their mission.

Turkuaz Talk About Trust, Growth and Overcoming Challenges With "Life in the City": "I Hope That People Still Come Away From It With a Positive Feeling"

To say that Brooklyn-based funk band Turkuaz are a melting pot of sound would be an understatement. With nine incredibly unique artists bringing their own influences, viewpoints and sounds to the table, there’s nothing that Turkuaz can’t accomplish, and that much is obvious on their recently released full-length, Life In The City.

Interview with The Britanys: "The End Goal is Not Approval"

Brooklyn rock band The Britanys don’t take themselves too seriously, but they’re definitely serious about creating honest music that resonates with themselves and their listeners. If the music scene in New York has taught them anything, it’s not to care what others think and to write music that matters to them first and foremost.

Mokita Talks About Staying Honest on His New Single, "Love Alone": "If It Felt Good, I Just Went With It"

Singer-songwriter and producer Mokita writes from the heart, and that much is obvious from listening to his latest single, “Love Alone.” The song, which was written in the course of just one night, finds Mokita in an honest, vulnerable place, opening himself to listeners while he discusses the fear of opening himself up in a relationship and the risk of getting hurt.