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INTERVIEW: "Walking With Dogs" Marks a New Beginning for El Mar

A lot can change in just a few years, and El Mar mastermind Joey Primero is walking proof of just that. In the two years since the release of her debut EP, The Road (and even the few months since dropping her full-length, Try To Forget) Primero's world has gone through many transformations, and the result is her incredibly confident and honest forthcoming EP, Walking With Dogs

Q&A with El Mar

Joey Primero has come a long way from singing Selena to friends and family when she was just a kid. The former publicist is now hard at work as a solo artist, creating and performing under the name El Mar, but the transformation from a music lover to the confident singer you see and hear now didn't happen overnight. Following a musical childhood, Primero attended Berklee College of Music where she further developed as a writer before diving into the PR side of the industry and eventually creating music as El Mar.