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Miranda Glory Discusses Her New Single, "Hypochondriac": "I Hope This Song Makes People Feel Like They Aren’t Alone"

Miranda Glory has been busy since the release of her single, "Blue Eyes" last year. From finally making the move out to Los Angeles to experimenting with her sound and writing plenty of new music, 2018 has been a hell of a journey for the pop/R&B artist, and now she finally has something to show for it. With her new single, "Hypochondriac" out now, Miranda Glory has begun a new chapter in her musical career, and the future is looking bright.

Q&A with Miranda Glory

Since graduating Berklee School of Music in early 2016, R&B/soul artist Miranda Glory has been going non-stop, but she's been hustling for much longer. First inspired as a kid by her older sisters, Miranda has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember, so pursuing a career in it only made sense. Flash forward to 2017, and the Berklee album is incredibly busy. Following her stint at the exclusive Neverland Songwriting Retreat in Costa Rica, Miranda has been bicoastal, traveling back and forth from New York to Los Angeles to work with established producers and songwriters. Since November of last year, she has written about 70 songs, and her newest single, "Blue Eyes" featuring Matty Owens is out now!