Brick + Mortar Open Up About Their New Album, "Meta Meta Etc.": "The World is a Big and Cold Place, but Hope is Even Bigger if You Decide to Believe in Yourself"

With over a decade of grinding under their belt, it comes as a surprise that Asbury Park, NJ duo Brick + Mortar are just now releasing their debut full-length album, but it has been well worth the wait. The band, comprised of best friends Brandon Asraf (bass, vocals) and John Tacon (drums, electric samples, vocals) has created a world for themselves with their eclectic instrumentals, incredibly personal lyricism and high energy live performances, and it all comes to a head on their upcoming release Meta Meta, Etc..

INTERVIEW: Wilson Throw Caution to the Wind on Their Wild New Album, "Tasty Nasty"

Unpredictable. Fearless. Wild. It's impossible to sum up Detroit rockers Wilson with just a few simple words, but those are the first that come to mind when hearing their new album, Tasty Nasty for the first time. The vibrant, dynamic and high energy new release finds the band at their strongest, embracing their wild side more than ever and encouraging fans to party a little harder and live life to the fullest.

Lindsay Latimer Talks About "Teenage Lullaby" & Reaching Others With Her Music: "I Don’t Just Make Music for the Personal Satisfaction"

Nashville-based indie-pop artist Lindsay Latimer grew up immersed in art and music and it shows. The singer/songwriter cites her creative parents and the encouragement of her voice instructor for giving her the push to pursue music and now, she's giving that same positivity and hope back to her listeners in the form of her latest release, Teenage Lullaby.

Wheeler Walker, Jr. on Honesty, Real Country & New Music: "With the Garbage That's Going on Right Now in Commercial Country Music, Standing out Isn't That Hard"

Wheeler Walker, Jr. likely isn't the first artist most people might think of when it comes to modern country music - but he should be. In a genre that has admittedly strayed further from its roots into something that tends to sound a bit like pop music with steel guitars, Wheeler Walker, Jr. (the alter-ego of comedian Ben Hoffman) is keeping it real in a way that would shock some and disgust others, but is incredibly vulgar, ridiculous and most of all, honest.

Ocean Park Standoff on Expanding Their Sound, Collaborating With Lil Yachty and New Music: "Our Show Has Grown Immensely"

Ocean Park Standoff have been busy following the release of their debut self-titled EP last year. With tour dates with AJR and Plain White T's under their belts and their latest single, "If You Were Mine" featuring Lil Yachty out now, the past year has certainly been kind to the trio (comprised of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Samantha Ronson, lead singer and guitarist Ethan Thompson, and drummer Pete Nappi) but it didn't come without hard work and plenty of growth.

Rome Hero Foxes Talk About Their Growth and New Sound on "18 Summers"

Rome Hero Foxes have been on quite the journey while working on their newest album, 18 Summers. Following their 2016 release, For When You're Falling Backwards, which caught the attention of Dance Gavin Dance's Kurt Travis, the band has changed their sound, lineup and even their record label - and they've emerged on the other side better than ever.

Miranda Glory Discusses Her New Single, "Hypochondriac": "I Hope This Song Makes People Feel Like They Aren’t Alone"

Miranda Glory has been busy since the release of her single, "Blue Eyes" last year. From finally making the move out to Los Angeles to experimenting with her sound and writing plenty of new music, 2018 has been a hell of a journey for the pop/R&B artist, and now she finally has something to show for it. With her new single, "Hypochondriac" out now, Miranda Glory has begun a new chapter in her musical career, and the future is looking bright.

INTERVIEW: RIVALS Remind Fans That They're Not Alone with Their New Album, "Damned Soul"

2018 has been an incredible year so far for dark pop/rock band, RIVALS, and it is far from over. From the release of their emotionally vulnerable and incredibly powerful new album, Damned Soul, to tour dates with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (which are still underway) and even a stint on the Vans Warped Tour, the LA-based quartet have been busy, and people are starting to pay attention.