Leapling premiere "Silent Stone" with Wondering Sound

Leapling are sharing their new single "Silent Stone" with Wondering Sound today, noting the juxtaposition in the band's dynamic noise pop "Dan Arnes’s voice is soft and tender, but the guitars that surround it are barbed and ominous — it’s like a single pink rose in the middle of a field of Venus flytraps". "Silent Stone" is the second song to be taken from Leapling's full length debut record, Vacant Page. Set for release on February 10th (pre-order here). Wondering Sound further stated, "the song is too complex and knotty and contradictory to allow for easy pigeonholing".

Leapling recently premiered the album's first single, "Crooked" via The AV Club. The eclectic sound of Leapling defies all preconceived notions of what indie rock can be, combining experimental elements of noise pop, hip-hop, krautrock, dream pop, and psych rock into their own swirling sound. "Crooked" received a great deal of praise from StereogumWondering SoundIndie ShufflePortalsImpose, and many others.

Stream Leapling's "Silent Stone" via Wondering Sound:

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