BoySetsFire and Funeral For A Friend team up for split record

BoySetsFire and Funeral For A Friend have teamed up to release a split 7” vinyl record on May 13th via No Sleep Records in the U.S. Beginning today, fans can pre-order the record from No Sleep Records.

Bonded by a deep friendship that’s lasted throughout the years, BoySetsFire and Funeral For A Friend have shown the ultimate admiration for one another by covering each other’s music. The record features BoySetsFire’s take on Funeral For A Friend’s classic track “10:45 Amsterdam Conversations” from their EP Between Order and Model and Funeral For a Friend covering BoySetsFire’s quintessential song “Rookie” from their album After the Eulogy.

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BoySetsFire/Funeral For A Friend Split 7” Track List:

1. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations - BoySetsFire

2. Rookie - Funeral For A Friend

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