Rescuer releases new B-Side to benefit singer's hospitalized nephew

Rescuer has taken a time-out from promoting their upcoming album to turn their attention to a matter that’s very near and dear to them. Singer JP Marra’s nephew was recently diagnosed with Kidney Disease and the family will be facing an overwhelming amount of hospital bills when the treatments to save his life begin later this month.

Rescuer has come together as a band to release a b-side song called “Smile”  in honor of Marra’s nephew and to help raise money to cover some of the medical costs.  The band has posted the song on No Sleep Records’ Bandcamp page today and are asking fans to “pay what they will” for a download of the new song. All donations and proceeds will go directly to assist in Marra’s nephew’s treatment.

Support a great cause and pick up Rescuer’s new b-side single “Smile” at



From JP Marra:


Last week my family received some terrible news. PLEASE take a minute to read this.

My nephew, Tye, has had a myriad of health issues since his birth. These health issues have made it impossible for him to walk, communicate, or even control his muscles in any way. He’s now 6 years old. My sister, Tara, has dealt with this as a single parent. Both of them still keep a smile on their faces.

Tye has a kidney disease called Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN). His kidneys are degrading at an alarming rate as a result. Last week we were told that they are working at about 15%.The only option is a transplant. Unfortunately, even if the transplant is successful, the doctors say that the disease has a 60-90% chance of returning.

At this rate, they’ve told us that he has about 6 months left to live.

My sister has decided to take a trip to Boston Children’s Hospital to get a second opinion. They are the #1 hospital in the nation for Children’s Nephrology. My family is by no means a rich family, and we unfortunately don’t have the money to completely cover the costs associated with the visit. The feeling of helplessness in this situation is entirely overwhelming.

The one thing I can offer is to try and use this B-Side from our new record to help enough money to help fund the trip. This song is almost a “part 2” of ‘Shame’, from our last record. Both songs are about my nephew and the struggles him and my sister go through while dealing with all of this. Please donate what you can.



“Whats left of me wouldn’t be enough to give you what you deserve. So I’ll save my breath, turn away, and place the blame on the sky. I’m still that fearful man I was before. I’d hoped that would've changed. Still searching for the solace in your laugh, but I can’t find the strength.

Gave up on broken thoughts, but there’s still pain to face. We’ve all tried to cope, yet the fact still remains that theres nothing we can do to change the truth. You’ll never take a step. You’ll never breath a word of all your thoughts, You’ll never sing your love. She’s still worn out. The pains still in her eyes. She’s still worn out, but that damn smile gets me every time.”

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