Lee Corey Oswald to release new album "Regards" on August 5th

Recently signed to No Sleep Records, Portland indie-punk band Lee Corey Oswald has announced plans to release a new full-length album titled Regards on August 5th. In conjunction with the announcement, the band has debuted the first new song, “Progress,”which features guest vocals from labelmate Ty Vaughn of Broadway Calls, today at BlurtOnline.com.  Fans can pre-order the record now at https://nosleeprecords.com/product/7210/regards and record bundles at https://nosleeprecords.com/package/448

Stream “Progress” now, exclusively at BlurtOnline.com

“This song is about people often thinking that being progressive has to mean being exclusive and narrow minded to other points of view,” explains Corey Ciresi. “This contradicts the meaning of the term "progress," which means being open to other ways of thought and change, without exclusivity. The title of the album, Regards, is a sort of sardonic reference to the ironic politics of the underground and the term "punk."

Regards was recorded analog on reel to reel tape, capturing the band’s spirit in the moment as they perform each track live to record.

“We love the  warmness it adds to the sound as well as the rawness that can't be achieved digitally,” adds Ciresi.

Regards Track List:

1. Always Never

2. Living Room

3. Progress

4. Soda and Cigarettes

5. Regards

6. Scatterbrain

7. Snowglobe

8. Sarah, Work is a Four Letter Word

9. Batting a Thousand

10. Elements

11. Still Shut Out

12. Red Balloons


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