Courage My Love Partners with Keep A Breast Foundation on Limited Edition Tour EP

Courage My Love kick off their summer long stint on the Vans Warped Tour this Friday, June 13 in Houston, TX.

The band has partnered with The Keep A Breast Foundation to release 'Spirit Animal', a limited edition run of 1000 custom shaped CD's which will be sold exclusively on Warped Tour for $5, with $2 of each sold going to KAB.

One song is previously unreleased ("I Don't Even Wanna Know") and the others we're previously only available on the Japanese edition of their latest EP, 'Becoming' (Homeskool Prom Records/Warner).

Stream Spirit Animal here.


Track Listing:

1. Breathing Room

2. Interlude

3. I Don't Even Wanna Know

4. Do As You're Told

Singer/guitarist Mercedes Arn-Horn says, "We're all so excited to have the opportunity to work with The Keep A Breast Foundation in raising awareness of ways to prevent breast cancer, and ultimately eradicate the disease altogether. We've been working with them behind the scenes and are proud to announce we will be releasing a four song EP entitled "Spirit Animal" in collaboration with Keep A Breast at this year's Vans Warped Tour!"

"It is a limited edition, shaped CD (only 1000 copies printed) and will be available exclusively at Vans Warped Tour this summer. We will donate $2.00 from the sale of each EP to The Keep A Breast Foundation in support of their many efforts to raise awareness and put an end to this disease that has ruined so many lives."

"Not just as women, but as humans; we are all a community. We need to support, defend, and educate one another. It's not just about scientists and doctors finding a cure to this disease... it's also about everyone, no matter what they have to offer, joining together and fighting the fear and social stigma that comes with it. It's about redefining the female form. It's about courage. We are proud to contribute in any way to Keep A Breast's ongoing fight against breast cancer and stand beside our sisters and brothers in this fight."

The Kitchener, Canada band consists of twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn (vocals, guitar) and Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums. vocals) along with their friend Brandon Lockwood (bass).

Call them a power trio, pop-punk, alternative metal. As you wish. They grew up on it all. But while you are jumping around and banging your head with abandon, don’t miss the message: They have no appetite for destruction. They do not seek to destroy. No, Courage My Love is here to uplift, inspire.

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