ELECTRONIC SAVIORS III To Be Released on June 10

When industrial scene promoter, musician and dj, JIM SEMONIK was diagnosed with a very deadly form of stage 2B colorectal cancer in 2008, he realized that his musical realm needed to contribute their part to eradicate this vile disease, and thus, he created the Electronic Saviors project. OnJune 10, 2014, Metropolis Records will be releasing the third installment ELECTRONIC SAVIORS VOLUME 3: REMISSION – INDUSTRIAL MUSIC TO CURE CANCER, a limited edition, four CD boxset featuring brand new and exclusive tracks from Combichrist, 16 Volt, Hate Dept, Aesthetic Perfection, Panic Lift, Ego Likeness, Left Spine Down, Stromkern, Rein, and many, many more.

Recently celebrating five years being cancer free, Semonik has assembled his friends, comrades, heroes and allies to give the vile disease of cancer another pummeling. Already raising over $30,000 for charity,Electronic Saviors was created to unite everyone he ever worked with, promoted a gig for or knew through his day job as a record store buyer. The result was a massive outpouring of music from over 80 artists from all over the world. Enlisting the help of longtime friend Chase Dudley to co-produce the project, it almost immediately sold out of its physical version and is now a coveted collector's item. The money raised was a staggering $23,000 and was donated to the Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness near Harrisburg, PA. A six-disc set (which was later expanded with two additional CDs), the second volume collected over 142 acts and raised an additional $15,700 which was donated to two different charities:Gilda's Club of Western PA and The Bone Marrow Foundation.

In September 2013, Semonik was cleared of cancer and thus began the beginnings of Volume 3 appropriate entitledRemission. With even more artists jumping in to support, the total of artists for the compilations has risen to over 230. Volume 3: Remission will be issued as a four-disc set and a Premium Edition will be released June 10th, 2014 via Metropolis Records and Semonik's own Distortion Productions which adds an additional two CDs. Six discs in total, Remission completes Semonik's story as a cancer survivor trying to help prevent others from sharing the horrible fate that cancer causes.

Semonik wishes to continue on with the Electronic Saviors series to tell other's stories and release a new volume every two years because, for him, the battle never ends.




01. 16 Volt - Ever Careful
02. Stromkern - Lightsout
03. Death Line International - In Den Staub
04. The Dark Clan - A Final Elegant Turn
05. Hell:Sector - Saints Without A Halo
06. Assemblage 23 - Last Mistake (Dominatrix Remix)
07. Combichrist - From My Cold Dead Hands (SIRUS Remix)
08. Modern Weapons - Enemy
09. Null Device - Ashes
10. Velvet Acid Christ - Eternity (Vox Edit)
11. Caustic - Death By Stereo
12. Ludovico Technique - Dead Inside (Remix by Helltrash)
13. genCAB - Siren Song (Quiet Mix by Panic Lift)
14. Lost Signal - Let It Come
15. PRUDE - Great Eraser (Caustic's Hummer Of The Gods Mix)
16. The Anesthesiologists - It Never Ends
17. Attrition - Narcissist (Zero Corporation Remix)


01. iVardensphere - Mother Of Crows (Club Mix)
02. Rein - Defeated
03. GoFight - The Funk
04. Interface - Fixation
05. Hate Dept. - Biggest Fan
06. The Azoic - Let It All Go
07. Left Spine Down - Side Effect
08. Decoded Feedback - Death Pusher
09. XP8 - Night Run (Ducati Slow Jab by Informatik)
10. Stiff Valentine - Coke Ah Coal Ah
11. Ego Likeness - Sirens and Satellites (Cultural Tourist Mix)
12. Panic Lift - Awake (Dream Kill Mix by Eye Kandy)
13. Shutterdown - Best Revenge
14. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Mind Decay (FGFC820 Remix)
15. Spider Lilies - Father Time
16. Angels On Acid - Wrath Of The Gods
17. din_fiv - Terminal Condition (1999 Tour Version)


01. Christ Analogue - Fused
02. Cynical Existence feat. Logic Division - In A Perfect World
03. Battery Cage - Forever Never Ends (2013 Version)
04. genCAB - Siren Song (Quiet Mix by Panic Lift)
05. am.psych - Guns + Drugs
06. Mordacious - Terminal
07. Cesium_137 - Consequence (Crucible Mix)
08. boxed warning - Taggert Terminal
09. Inertia - Hang Around (Saviour Mix)
10. The Clay People - Strange Day (More Machine Than Man Remix)
11. The Rain Within - This Is Alive
12. Aesthetic Perfection - A Nice Place to Visit (Syndroid Remix)
13. Sonik Foundry - Under The Knife
14. Cryogen Second - Killing The Prophet (Mangadrive Remix)
15. NOIR - Timephase (Inertia Remix)
16. Toxic Coma - Ready To Rock


01. I:Scintilla feat. Rein - Sins Of The Flesh
02. Cyanotic - Alternating Dilemmas
03. HexRx vs BlakOpz - Terminal Monster
04. Mindless Faith - Minerals (Eroded Remix)
05. Bella Morte - The One Beside Me
06. Informatik - Deliverance
07. Plasmodivm - Your Memories
08. Deathproof - Grimetown
09. More Machine Than Man - Stranger Than Fiction (Razed in Black Remix)
10. Berlin Babylon - Night And Day (ES3 Mix)
11. Blank - Weak Machine (1.2 Remix)
12. Sensuous Enemy - Take You Out
13. Chemlab - Chemical Halo (Burnt Demo Version)
14. Life Cried - This Isn't Happening (Worms of the Earth Remix)
15. Xiescive - Feel The Light
16. XuberX - Ruin
17. Battery - Nevermore (Version 2.0)

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