IONIA Reveal Tracks Off 'Captain Humility' E.P. Out June 24th


IONIA have announced the release of their debut EP entitled “Captain Humility” for June 24th. To coincide with the release, they have paired up with Highlight Magazine and Limerence Magazine to reveal two different exclusive pre-release track streams. In addition, Ionia reveals a third track download by taking part it Lucy Out Loud’s FREE summer compilation titled “SPF14”. The compilation also includes the artists, Fritz MontanaHit The Ground RunningThe Venetia FairThe Collection and more! 

Stream “Captain Humility” exclusively via Highlight MagazineHERE
Stream “Delusions of Grandeur” exclusively via Limerence MagazineHERE
Download “They Look Like Big Strong Hands, Don’t They”? exclusively via Lucy Out LoudHERE

The five-piece dynamic band delves deep into your psyche with powerful lyrics and resonating music. Their upcoming music video, for “Captain Humility” will be released July 1st. The video was written, directed and produced by singer Blaise Beyhan and is a continuation of the storyline from their first video “Mutiny”. The addition of film adds an entirely new dimension to their already spine-tingling music.


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