Listen to Test Of Time's first proper full-length By Design in its entirety now via TheB9.com.  The album hits stores officially tomorrow viaBridge Nine Records.

The straightforward cover of Test of Time's By Design displays the vintage blueprint of a clock tower. At a cursory glance, the layout is simplistic and up front, but upon closer inspection, it leaves the viewer delving deeper to uncover every nuance. This is foreshadowing for the entire album.

The band's members are no strangers to the punk scene, from frontman and photographer Todd Pollock to guitarist/vocalist and record label proprietor Charles Chaussinand to bassist and ex-Energy/Daytrader road dog Robert Cheeseman (the band also features Mike Assatly on guitars/vocals and Jeff Novak on drums). They got together just two years ago and their goal was to create something a little different than what was happening at the time in the hardcore scene - not necessarily a youth crew or straight-edge band, per se, but there "weren't a lot of bands sounding like us", guitarist Charles Chaussinand said.  Music came quick. The band quickly busted out a 10-song demo (including a cover) called Inclusion in 2012. Then the band pared down a wealth of original material and Test of Time recorded 32 songs (including several more covers by unexpected acts), resulting in a myriad of releases since.

After unleashing such a prolific amount of material, Test Of Time has now crafted a proper full-length debut of speedy, howled hardcore à la Youth of Today, Bane and In My Eyes. By Design is guided by the careful, detail-oriented approach of architectural planning (as hinted at by its visual motif), and uses that focus to deliver unexpected shifts in tempo dynamic, musically and lyrically sly references to hardcore's past, and sincere decrees pertaining to vegetarianism, The Straight Edge, perseverance, and one's own personal growth and change.  Chaussinand describes of their lyrical efforts: “Hopefully, we are offering a little more substance and allowing the listener to internalize some of what has come from our own struggles.”

Check out Test of Time's blog and bandcamp page and stay tuned for more shows in North America and abroad to be announced.


7/24 Prague, CZ @ Pre-Fluff Fest

7/25 Rockycany, CZ @ Fluff Fest

7/26 As, BEL @ Vlamrock

7/27 Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore

7/27 Braunshweig, GER @ B58 (Focused Minds)

7/29 Munich, GER @ Free & Easy Festival

7/30 TBA

7/31 Duderstadt, GER @ Schauburg

8/1 Munster, GER @ Baracke

8/2 Berlin, GER @ Stateless Society Open Air

8/3 Dresden, GER @ Chemiefabrik w/ Bent Life

8/4 Budapest, HUN @ A38

8/5 Novi Sad, SER @ CK13

8/6 Vienna, AUS @ Das Bach w/ Bent Life

8/7 Aschaffenburg, GER @ Tba w/ Bent Life

8/8 Ieper, BEL @ Ieper Fest

8/9 Bielefeld, GER @ AJZ w/ Bane

Papertwin's "Alkaline" gets remixed by Daryl Palumbo (Glass Jaw, Head Automatica)