Cold Summer Releases New Single 'Car Crash (In Progress)'

Collectively, Cold Summer are a self proclaimed post hardcore band dynamically

challenging perceptions and conventions of what a band playing heavy yet

melodic (passionate, but not pretentious) punk/hardcore influenced rock, should

sound like.

Formed in late 2011 the band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire have seen their re-

lease despite being ‘under the radar’ meet critical acclaim, following the self re-

lease of two EP's, 'Transitions' and 'Wake' during 2012 and their ‘Self Titled’ al-

bum in July 2013.

The bands strong DIY ethic has been reflected in their relentless show & record-

ing output.These contributing factors has resulted in a large and growing fan

base across the North Of England,as a result of playing sold out shows alongside

well respected yet diverse bands such as: Funeral For A Friend, Polar, Self De-

fense Family, Lemuria & Blitz Kids

The debut album release was supported with a week long UK tour back in Feb-

ruary 2014, which included an intimate show with Drones & Fighting Fiction at the

infamous Old Blue Last in London. The band are currently recording their follow

up release with producer Mike Bennett (Empires Fade, The Eyes Of A Traitor,

The Ocean Between Us), the first session recently completed involved the

recording of Car Crash (In Progress) ,which will be released as a single on Mon-

day 22nd September as well as featured on the cover CD with Big Cheese Issue

171 (including Godsmack & Finch) released that week. The band have recently

signed to UAC management and are in the process of booking another tour

hopefully before the end of the year, as well as having studio time booked in late

november to finish work on their next release

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