8 Graves Release New Single “Two Wrongs”

8 GRAVES have premiered their new single “Two Wrongs” along with announcing their debut EPWar Out There, to be released on October 30th. Surviving the Golden Age refers to the track as “emotional and volatile while still having serious mainstream appeal.”

The roller coaster of human emotion twisting and turning within us all rages through deep, dark valleys and over soaring, triumphant loops. While we are all present for our own ride, it's rare to take a seat on someone else's. This is the experience inherent in each song 8 Graves produces.

“8 Graves was created with a mission of reaching out to people like me,” explains co-founder and vocalist Brent Carpentier. “When I was young, I often turned to music as something to identify with. I found comfort in the lyrics of musicians that felt the pain I did, and those songs made me feel like I wasn’t alone.” 8 Graves offers us the opportunity to hurt together, to bleed aloud, and to know the struggles that we feel isolate us guarantee that we are never alone. Their new EP War Out There was fully written, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Carpentier and the other half of 8 Graves, Nicholas Goncalves.

Fans can expect more new tracks and remixes from the EP to be released over the coming weeks. For more information on 8 Graves, be sure to follow the band on FacebookTwitter, and Soundcloud.

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