KIDS Release Behind-The-Scenes Documentary "The Making Of 'Rich Coast'"

Fort Lauderdale's eclectic folk-influenced indie-rock band KIDS (for fans of Mumford and Sons, Copeland) made huge strides earlier this year with the release of their debut album Rich Coast. After the band's music video for the single "Second Star on the Right" received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, KIDS partnered with The Huffington Post for the premiere of Rich Coast, paving the way for multiple successes to follow. The final song on the album "Sunshine" had been licensed for the national Woman In Gold movie trailer (ft. Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds), and KIDS went on to share the stage with the likes of Copeland, Dashboard Confessional, and more.

Rich Coast started out as an adventure, with the band retreating to Appalachia to create an intricate and mystical embodiment of the emotions of adolescent wonder and freedom. Today, the band is proud to be partnering with to unveil "The Making of Rich Coast," a documentary which brings the audience on the adventure through album's creation from it's original idea, through the recording process, to it's final form. The documentary, another impressive self-production by KIDS delves into the experimental "no rules" nature of the album and musical dexterity, getting deep into the band's creative process. Here is what the band had to say about "The Making of Rich Coast":

"It was a rather unique process, Rich Coast coming to fruition. We knew from the start it was going to be something special, something that we would never want to forget. At that point we decided documenting it was just a necessity." - JosiahSampson, KIDS

Formed by long time best-friends Joshua Diaz (lead vocals, bass), Josiah Sampson (guitar), Matthew Barrios (drums) and Christian Gonzalez (guitar), .KIDS mixes an eclectic variety of instruments and talent to create an other-worldly sound that aims to remind the listener of youthful adventures. The band was founded on the Picasso quote, "All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up," and incorporates this quote into their music, aiming to preserve adolescent wonder.  With their artfully-created debut album Rich Coast, these gifted musicians are reinventing the feeling of freedom that reminds us of wanderlust, adventure and youthful ambition. Rich Coast unites vintage folk sounds with symphonic melodies and an array of unique instrumentals creating an original indie-rock album.

As seen in the documentary, Rich Coast was written while the band cut off from the world, camping and hiking the Appalachian Trail. KIDS leaped from cliffs, slid down waterfalls, and thrived in nature to translate their emotions and create a raw, original indie/folk sound. The records' melodies were written while watching muted Spaghetti Western and Kung-Fu classics, giving the album its ethereal picturesque feel. Rich Coast was produced by Jeremiah Dunlap at Emissary Studios, mixed by James Joseph Audio and mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters.



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