Social Repose Debut "Island of Yours" Music Video

Electronic pop act Social Repose (AKA producer/songwriter Richie Giese), has recently shocked fans with the release of his new music video "Island of Yours". Giese sheds his signature headdress and even goes as far as shaving his head in the video, but there is an underlying reason behind all of it.

"During this video I burned my headdress and shaved my head, however it wasn't purely for shock value," says Giese. "The video serves its purpose to challenge what it means to have an identity on the internet and how easy it is to take away."

"Island of Yours" is the second single from Social Repose's upcoming EP Yalta, which will be released on 11/20. Pre-orders are available Here and include the exclusive track “If You’re Thinking of Leaving, You Shouldn’t". Giese will also call every individual that pre-orders the record for a chat. Fans just have to screenshot the pre-order receipt and send the picture to

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