Watch Amanda Markley's Cover of Joy Williams' "What A Good Woman Does"

Seattle-based pop singer/songwriter Amanda Markley is currently in the studio working on her upcoming EP, and has partnered with Her Campus to release a raw studio video covering the Joy Williams track, "What A Good Woman Does."

While in the studio working on her forthcoming EP, Markley and her producer, Chase Manhattan of the Washington Alt/Pop band Night Argent, teamed up to create a beautifully raw and haunting cover of the heartbreaking track that's inspired by breaking up, moving on, and being the better person in a fallout. The emotionally driven song showcases Markley's delicate tone and enchanting voice, highlighting the feeling of loss that Joy Williams' wished to captivate with the track. Here is what Amanda Markley had to say about her decision to cover "What A Good Woman Does":

"I chose this song to cover because I could really connect to the lyrics. I had just gone through a breakup and the words inspire me to stay strong and move forward through heartbreak. I want to pass that inspiration on, and hope this rendition does the same for others as well." - Amanda Markley

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