Music Gives Hope Compilation Benefiting Keep A Breast Foundation

It's that time of year! Save yourselves from the nauseating repeat of Christmas songs and grab an assortment of familiar jams from your favorite artists with this exclusive holiday compilation. The Catalyst Publicity Group and New Age Media Management have partnered with The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB), an organization dedicated to empowering young people around the world with breast health education and support. Through their DIY punk rock mentality and grassroots efforts, KAB has reached thousands of young people across the world. The compilation released today, celebrates the foundation's 15 years of excellence.

Shaney Jo Darden, Co-Founder of The Keep A Breast Foundation, had this to say about their anniversary:

"Since our inception 15 years ago, Keep A Breast has made connections with younger generations about breast health through music, art, skate and surf culture. We meet young people where they are, try to take the stigma out of the language and empower them with the education to make the best personal choices. As we look back on the progress that we've made since our early years, we want to take the time to celebrate the conversations that young people have sparked in their communities about the importance of being your own health advocate. It's conversations like these that help shed light on this deadly disease."

Adam Cowsert - Vice President (New Age Media Management), had this to say about partnering with KAB:

"New Age Media Management is proud to partner with Keep A Breast, which has become a centerpiece in the music community. We're absolutely thrilled to rally together with so many talented artists behind their message and support the cause by giving back in the name of music."

Night Argent and Never Let This Go explain why this initiative means so much to them:

"When we were first contacted with the opportunity to work on a project with a foundation that's given so much hope to those who have been affected by breast cancer, we knew exactly which song we wanted to contribute. Our song Nothing More Beautiful was written to inspire hope when you feel like all is lost. Several of us in the band have had breast cancer impact our families directly, and have seen how hopeless things can seem. So to every mother, daughter, sister, or anyone going through a similar struggle, there's always hope, you just have to look for it, and hold onto it." - Shane, Night Argent

"My personal desire to have Never Let This Go involved in the compilation was because I saw how a sense of community and the kindness of others helped my family when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a survivor, and I know firsthand that Keep A Breast'ss goal of awareness and support can make the difference." - David, Never Let This Go

The compilation, sold here, will include 15 artists for $15 and will only be available through the month of December. Fans can get an eclectic taste of today's best acts and promising newcomers including Cartel, TEAM*, Thief Club, Fine Fine Titans, His Dream of Lions, and Night Argent to name a few.


 All Donations Directly Support The Keep A Breast Foundation

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