GOLDEN BLOOM Premieres “Want Love” (ft. Adam Duritz) via Yahoo!

"It was the very last demo we recorded during our songwriting retreat in the woods of Maine," GOLDEN BLOOM frontman Shawn Fogel tells Yahoo! of the song "Want Love". Almost finding itself in the leftover pile, the song languished in songwriting limbo before he decided to give it one more shot. "'Want Love' almost ended up in the scrap heap several times," he continues. "We were close to abandoning the song and writing something new from scratch when we decided to give it one last try."

When the band resurfaced, they emerged with a crowning jewel of a song which ironically has become the first single. "Want Love" features Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz who is a big fan of Golden Bloom and lended his vocals to the background of the rootsy ballad. The track in full can be found here:

The premiere of "Want Love" begins the journey towards the January 29, 2016release of Searching For Sunlight on Rhyme & Reason Records. The album quickly shakes the listener free of any notion that Golden Bloom has a singular sound. "Looking Up To You", for example, swells from tranquil acoustic guitar to elated explosions of sound. "Circles Round My Mind" jangles with nostalgia like a lost love letter from Alex Chilton. "Fall Out Of Line" explores new sonic territory with banjo, baritone guitar, and lap steel. The title track's sparse acoustic arrangement sounds just as it does when the band performs live, stepping off the stage and away from the mics to lead the crowd in a sing-along. "Come Back Home" sparkles with the pop sensibility of The Cure, accented with toy piano, synthesi zers, and angular guitar parts.

Searching for Sunlight, represents a more mature, refined Golden Bloom. If their previous records were stars, Searching for Sunlight is a supernova: the melodies are memorable and hold up beautifully on repeat, the vocals are also sweeter and more refined; the lyrics speak to a deeper sense of self and understanding; and the talented group of musicians paint colorful tapestries with small, unexpected flourishes and tasteful moments of revelation.

Golden Bloom is Shawn Fogel (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Josh Cohen (Guitars, Keys, Vocals), Matt Girard (Bass, Trumpet, Vocals) and Justin Hoffman (Drums, Percussion). Searching For Sunlight will be out January 29, 2016 on Rhyme and Reason Records


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