Smash Into Pieces Begin European Tour In Support Of Just Released The Apocalypse DJ

Smash Into Pieces has begun a European tour that takes the act across the continent.  Over the past year the Swedish act has toured with Amaranthe, stages performances in Japan, and supported Alter Bridge in Stockholm.  The current run kicked off in Stockholm and Orebro last week.  The complete itinerary follows below. 

On February 24th Smash Into Pieces released THE APOCALYPSE DJ via MRI in North America.  The official lyric video for the lead track "Disaster Highway" can be viewed here:  The lead single from the debut album "Unbreakable" rose to #2 on the Swedish Rock charts, and was a hit across Scandinavia.  This rise to prominence resulted in the Bandit Rock Awards citing Smash Into Pieces the "Swedish Breakthrough of the Year." The band was also awarded the Millencolin Music Prize, awarded annually with a grant of 25,000 SEK to reward and recognize a person or group with Orebro affiliation in the music industry who have "shown great and meritorious commitment to his practice, achieved some measure of success and contributed to the city of Orebro."

Smash Into Pieces is Benjamin Jennebo (guitars), Isak Snow (drums) and Viktor Vidlund (bass), Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye (vocals) and Per Bergquist (guitars).  They collectively share, "We are all born on the endless disaster highway, where you can travel for a lifetime without going nowhere, where life sucks and then you die.Through music, The Apocalypse DJ brought us together, chose our path and made us go our own way into the unknown. No matter where this journey takes us, we reached out for our dreams and we gave it all. The Apocalypse DJ is our savior."


Upcoming appearances include:

3/04     Cologne, Germany                                                      Underground

3/06     Wetzikon, Switzerland                                               Hall of Fame

3/07     Milan, Italy                                                                 Blue Rose Saloon

3/08     Turin, Italy                                                                  Lavanderie Ramone

3/12     Barcelona, Spain                                                         Rocksound

3/13     Valencia, Spain                                                           Paberse Matao

3/14     Zaragoza, Spain                                                          Sala Utopia

3/15     Madrid, Spain                                                             We Rock

3/19     Edinburgh, UK                                                           Bannermans

3/20     Consett, UK                                                                Steph's The Club That Rocks

3/21     Nottingham, UK                                                         Doghouse

3/23     London, UK                                                               Underworld

3/25     Jyväskylä, Finland                                                      Katse

3/26     Helsinki, Finland                                                         Nosturi

5/14     Viking Line Sweden                                                   Adrenaline Cruise 2015

7/02     Töreboda, Sweden                                                      Törebodafestivalen

7/07     Norrköping, Sweden                                                   Himmelstalundshallen


Dates in North America are being explored.