Tenement Stream New Collection Album "Bruised Music Volume One" Via Noisey

Appleton, Wisconsin punk's TENEMENT are streaming their new collection album, Bruised Music Volume One, today via Noisey.  The prolific band have amassed a deep discography that can be daunting for new listeners and fans alike, to remedy this, Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop Records have teamed up for the release of Bruised Music Volume One Due out March 10th, the album offers a surprisingly cohesive selection of infectious punk rock from TENEMENT's rare releases.   

Stream Bruised Music Volume One via Noisey:

Bruised Music Volume One delves into TENEMENT's deep and impressive catalogue to compile ten rare or out-of-print tracks from seven of the band's earliest tapes, EPs, and split singles.  Bruised Music Volume One's tracks have all been re-mastered and feature vastly improved sound quality than their original releases.  The collection will also include an eight page zine with liner notes and anecdotes from the band, their friends (including members of Screaming Females, Sundials, Coke Bust, and Nervosas), and journalists who championed the band during their inception.  Bruised Music Volume One isn't just for the super-fan looking for a peek into TENEMENT's early years and the honing of their razor sharp song-craft, it also offers new listeners a great introduction to the band's perfect blend of raw punk energy and undeniable pop hooks.  

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