Counterparts has announced the release their fourth studio album, Tragedy Will Find Us, on July 24th via Pure Noise Records (US) and New Damage (Canada). The band has also debuted the record’s first track, “Burn,” and has launched a pre-order for the album, which can be found here:

"We chose “Burn” as the first single from TWFU for obvious reasons,” says vocalist Brendan Murphy. “Aside from the fact that we just randomly threw it into our live set, we all felt like “Burn” is the most "Counterparts" song on the record. What we mean by that is that it has all the elements that the people who care about the band know and love. It's a good segue into this new chapter of the band. The same Counterparts you're all familiar with, but with a little extra kick. Kinda like Flamin' Hot Cheetos... or even Vanilla Coke."

"Tragedy Will Find Us is a record about my life falling apart. Simple as that,” Murphy adds. “Lyrically, it represents me at rock bottom. But I feel like when you hit that low, you have nowhere to go but up. Counterparts has always been about coping with everything life throws at you, and it's no different with this release. Tragedy will find all of us eventually, and it's up to you to claw your way out."

Tragedy Will Find Us Track List:

1. Stillborn

2. Thread

3. Resonate

4. Stranger

5. Burn

6. Tragedy

7. Withdrawal

8. Choke

9. Collapse

10. Drown

11. Solace


Counterparts Tour Dates:

June 12 - Derby, UK - Donington Park (Download Festival)

June 14 - Paris, FR - Divan Du Monde (w/Every Time I Die)

June 15 - Toulouse, FR - Connexion (w/Every Time I Die)

June 16 - Barcelona, ES - Sala Boveda (w/Every Time I Die)

June 17 - Lyon, FR - Warmauudio (w/Every Time I Die)

June 18 - Stuttgart, DE - Juha West (w/Stray From The Path)

June 19 - Giessen, DE - Jokus Dieben

June 20 - Ysselsteyn, NL - Jera On Air

June 21 - Dessel, BE - Graspop

June 22 - Berlin, DE - Comet (w/Stray From The Path)

June 23 - Haarlem, NL - Patronaat (w/Every Time I Die)

June 24 - Munich, DE - Backstage Club (w/Stray From The Path)

Aug 16 - Patchogue, NY - The Emporium (Today’s Mixtape Festival)

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