Runaway Saints To Release Debut Single "Brooklyn Nights" On June 9th

On June 9th, Runaway Saints will release their first taste of the debut album they are working on.  Written by singer Johnny Gates, “Brooklyn Nights” is a song that hits close to home for Johnny.

“Growing up in the northeast, New York City is a special place,” remarked Gates.  “I can remember so many nights with this one specific girl, where Brooklyn was our spot and we'd plot out our future there.  As time went on, that relationship ended and I started touring more with the band and Brooklyn became this distant memory. I finally had a chance to pass through while on the road last summer, and it was my first time in Brooklyn without her. It was such a strange feeling. Probably most similar to returning to your hometown after some kind of journey.  I was hanging out back stage at a show a couple days after and the song pretty much just came out then and there. It was the first song I wrote by myself in a long, long time and by far the most personal.”


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