Richy Nix Releases New Single, Announces FiXT Debut LP, 'Fearless'

Richy Nix released the second single, "Erase You," off of his forthcoming LP, Fearless, today via National Rock Review.

The song, which shows Nix' uncanny ability to mix hip hop, rock and metal together seamlessly, comes in conjunction with the announcement of the release of Fearless — due out July 24.

"I wanted to write a song about the corruption in our governments and in the '1 percents' who rule the world," Nix said. "There's more than meets eye. People are destroying our planet and It needs to be exposed."

Fearless track list:

1. Stay Fearless
2. Senseless
3. Coward
4. Erase You
5. Black Heart
6. Revenge
7. Psycho
8. Watch Over Us
9. Your Time Is Over
10. I’ll Be King
11. Love, Loyalty & Respect

Fearless can be pre-ordered today in the FiXT Store.

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