Midwayer Signs With Imminence Records, Releases "Before The Flood" From Thresholds EP

Imminence Records is pleased to announce the signing of Georgia based melodic hardcore outfit Midwayer. Having formed in 2013, this band is a passion project for the members with guitarist Gary Pounds adding, “We've each been involved in several different genres, we've run the musical gamut and what we've done here, what we're doing now just feels right. Imminence Records is giving us an opportunity to spread our music to an exponentially wider audience then we would have been able to do on our own. And for that, we're very excited.” With different musical background ranging from pop-punk to southern rock and even grindcore, Midwayer’s take on melodic hardcore is something unique and refreshing while also feeling familiar.

To celebrate the signing, Midwayer has also released their brand new single off their upcoming debut EP entitled Thresholds. “Before The Flood,” which can be heard HERE, is the closing track off the six song EP and the second single after album opener “The Golden Flower.” Guitarist Miles Atanasu-Teeters went on to describe the release, “Well we really are excited to have the support of Imminence Records to release this EP that we have literally been working on for two years now. Two years for six songs does seem like a little much, but that is the amount of thought and attention to detail we've been struggling with to ensure that each part of every song is exactly how we want it to sound.” Thresholds will be released July 17th as Imminence Records’ first Friday release of the new global release day initiative.

1. The Golden Flower
2. Thresholds
3. Gaia
4. Babel
5. Shutters
6. Before The Flood

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